Friday, 17 February 2012

Tuesday evening is the new Wednesday ...

This week I spent a very enjoyable Tuesday evening with my lovely friend Suzanne.  Armed with a DVD of Kirsties Homemade Home, dried leaves, two frames bought for £1.50 from a charity shop and gold leaf paper I was greeted with an array of glass paints and a large bowl of yummy crisps (one of many reasons why she’s my ‘lovely’ friend);) We set about with high hopes that the end result would be close to the ‘Kirsty original’ we were using as a guide.  As a first attempt I don't think we did too badly at all (I did turn the air blue when trying to stick gold leaf with gelatine though, think that's why the crisps where there).

Suzanne's outline
Outline pens and glass paint
My fern drawn on and filled in with purple and gold paint

Our finished masterpieces.

Next on the agenda? Decoupage/more crisps/more coffee ;)

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  1. Oh beautiful Louise!!! the detail on the fern is amazing. Looking forward to a 'real life' peek!! x