Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter y'all ...

Easter greetings.
I hope the Easter weekend finds you well, happy and that the bunny has been generous to you and yours and showered y'all with Easter delights.
~ ~ ~
Sadly this weeks usual pre-Easter fun and frolics have been 'muted' in our household. We have all, one by one succumb to a very annoying virus and have taken to our beds in disgust!
"Grrrr" is all I have to say on this very dull and frankly inconvenient state of affairs.
~ ~ ~
I would just like to use this lil space to say a heartfelt thank you to my lovely bestie Suzanne.
When life can start to swallow you up ...
 x x x
I have been filling my ears this week with an album that I played and played when I first bought it until I became saturated by it and it's remained untouched until this week. I have once again fallen in love all over again, here's a sample of the most fabulous
Bat for Lashes.....
taken from the album Fur and Gold.

Not everyones cuppa but thought I'd put it out there anyways.
~ ~ ~

A friend asked if I wanted to join her on a bargain hunting mission this week, erm does a bear poo in the woods??? I had my coat and shoes on before you could say "tat". We went to a good old fashioned scrap yard that also has out buildings full of house clearance bits and bobs.

Our mission: to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to these rows and rows of 'stuff' to seek out hidden treasures.

Needless to say we both got stuck in.

(I can just imagine some of you thinking "really? you actually drive to places specifically to rummage through a pile of crap like that? Totally bonkers") Yes my friends, that is exactually what we do!

We pulled out all kinds of things and created a lil stash that we later went through again and whittled it down to what we really wanted to buy.

My "I really want these" items were ...

This 1960's flask in perfect condition. Now, I can't seam to take a photo that does it justice but, take my word for it, it is classic retro heaven and I can not wait to pour our first cuppa out of it ~ especially if we're sat in Hermie our caravan at the time.
Utter Joy :D

Next was ...
These stackable 1970's Tupperware shakers. The colours just scream 1970s and, no matter how clever a clever person was, I really don't think anyone could re-create the colour of these. True 1970s glam. These are also heading straight for our Hermie'van.
Then on my "yep, I've thought about it and I still really do want" pile was this ...
A tacky plastic pretend Wedgwood fruit bowl.
My husband has drilled three hole in the bottom and it is now destined for the garden. When planted with herbs or pretty flowers and put in amongst other pots I'm confident it'll look 'far out man' once again.
And lastly ...
My second fav buy after the flask.
Just look at this colour, such a pretty pink.
 This is an original wind up alarm clock from the 70's and I am in lurve with it. The ticking reminds me of the alarm clock my Mum and Dad had beside their bed which my Dad set to wake us every morning and start our day. The alarm works too and once again, the ring is such an authentic sound ~ no matter what replicas are out there on the market they can never compare to this, the real deal x
My friend was really looking for furniture and in an adjacent barn were rows and rows of second hand loveliness.
This is the top of an old chest of draws. It's authentic, original, honest shabby chic. People would spend a large amount of time and money trying to emulate this effect and here it is in its full glory. Years of layered paint of all different kinds have aged and worn over time.
I couldn't go to a scrap yard without clambering through scrap (a past time me and my Dad did when I was young).  We were seeking out caravans among this lot in the hope of finding a shelf for our fridge.  Sadly no such luck but we fun looking.
All in all we had a great afternoon and I arrived home all smiley. Partly because of the great things we both found but also because of the enjoyable time spent with my homie from back in the day. Thanks Em xx xx
~ ~ ~
Do you remember my previous post about this year being a significant Wedding anniversary in our house (15 years/crystal) and how I have been dropping hints for a vintage crystal chandelier (here). Well, I knew this would never really happen, mainly because we live in a 60's bungalow and it would look totally bonkers. But anyways ... this dropped through our door this week.
I rang my husband and asked if he was expecting something from New York?
He replied "ah, yes that's your anniversary present. DON'T open it"
I have no clue what it could be and am gonna resist fishing around (i.e. Google the address) and spoil his thoughtful surprise. So, instead I will continue to obsess over what could be in the box, try not to explode with excitement and count down the days until its our anniversary and I can finally get my hands on the contents inside ~ eeeeek, and breath!
~ ~ ~
Talking of New York, this beaut arrived in the post this week.
The postcard and not the sweet lil chick!!! ;)
It's a vintage American postcard of the New York skyline that I ordered from Etsy. I adore New York and if I was ever fortunate enough to win some money the very first thing I would do is book to go back there with my family asap. In the meantime I will frame this lovely lil card and stare dreamily at it admiring everything I love about the Big Apple
♥ ♥ ♥
~ ~ ~
 My fav photo of this week is of one of my fav flower, tulips.
 This one is starting to wilt and decay.
The colours that change and appear when flowers start to dry up can be just as attractive as fresh to me. See what you think?
   ~ ~ ~
Since we bought a new chair in January (chair can be seen here) it has given me a reason to change our cushions and lampshades in the living room. They are currently burgundy and most were brought with us from our last home and are at least 9 years old. We have had them for so long I no longer notice the frayed edges around the cushion covers and the discoloured, sun bleached lampshades. The thing is, if I find something I really, really like I don't tend to tire of it. That's the case with our burgundy cushions.
I bought them from Laura Ashley around 6 years ago and I still love everything about them. The older they get the more homelier they look. Sadly though they don't really go with our new chair.
 I have spent far too long thinking about what colour to choose next and have gone from:
 definitely wanting muted greys ...
 falling head over heals in love with pastels ...
 swooning over bright pinks and yellows to really bring in some pzazz.
Needless to say, I have completely confused myself and have no clue what I want anymore!
My plan? I'm just going to wait for the most gorgeous cushions to appear, be it all togther or one by one. It may take weeks months or even years but one thing I have learnt along the way is, if you really love something it will remain loved and enjoyed every single day.
What was it the great man William Morris said ...
hear, hear Billy ;)
 ~ ~ ~
 Well, thats it for another week folks. Wishing you a really enjoyable Easter break and untill next Sunday, bye y'all xx



Sunday, 24 March 2013

A smile is a smile ...

This week started off mighty cold with a few remaining signs of the snow that sneaked up and surprised us last Sunday.
 The week has remained fffffreezing cold then, blown me down, we had another tonne of snow yesterday! The view from my window as I type is white, white and more white.
The Easter bunny will be calling on Father Crimbo for a favour soon and spreading chocolaty joy via a sledge, reindeer's and a sack at this rate!!

 ~ ~ ~

What song has been playing over and over in my lil world this week?

Not gonna tell you!! Click to reveal ;)

I thought if I put this at the top of the page you may like to play it whilst reading x x

~ ~ ~

This weeks fav photo is ...

A close up of my Bertie boy.
I love to pick out a specific detail when taking a photo, I know its not to everyones taste and is definitely not the traditional style of taking photos but for me the detail in this photo and the look in Bert's eye speaks a thousand words x x

and ...

My boy dreaming sweetest dreams x x
~ ~ ~
During a mundane trip to do a mundane chore this week I came across this sign.
Now, to some this could be described as criminal damage but to me its totally fab, raised a smile and I wish more boring road signs could be given a personality and make more people smile. Life can be way too serious at times and one of the ways forward is to lighten up a little and see the funny side, if this includes adding 'expression' to street furniture then, hey.
A smile is a smile!!!
~ ~ ~
Easter will soon be upon us but with snow on the ground and such cold weather sadly it feels like anything but. In preparation I have started to decorate our home with Easter delights ...
Sadly though as hard as I try, I just can't switch from winter mode to Easter/Spring mode. May be the thought of all of that impending chocolate will do the trick ;)
~ ~ ~
This year I really want to add some colour to our patio.
At the moment it looks like this ...
Perfectly OK but what I really anchor after is this ...
A beautiful floral welcome.
 Can you imagine sitting an enjoying a cuppa surrounded the scent of these floral delights? 
I'm thinking something like this to add colour and interest  ...
At our old home we had a pergola built which we loved,
we'd lurve something like this again ...
So far I have bought these three colourful beauts in preparation of the patio beautifying project ...
All we need now is sun, sun, sun
(oh and some money)!!
~ ~ ~
 Love is ...
 Not just any bear hug though ...
A Bessy Bear Hug ...
♥ Bess adores her brother from another mother ♥
 ~ ~ ~
I have been scouring through my photos this week desperately in search of the prefect ones to 'bling up'. Yep, I've discovered that bling can be added to photos ~ OMG! This is a sample of what I have been happily making all sparkly and shiny ...

 Picmonkey ~ where bling happens

~ ~ ~

I have been doing overtime at work at the mo so to keep me motivated to spend time in the office instead of roaming free I have treated myself to a lil luxury.

Hello Kitty and a Liberty mix = I'm all in!!

The smell of the cream reminded me of something and it took me ages to figure out what? It's the smell of old fashioned Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. Ahhh, every time I take the lid off it evokes a tonne of memories, a treat that keeps on giving!! Yay :)
~ ~ ~
Well that's it for this week folks, thanks for reading.
Bye y'all
xx xx

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Glad to be home ...

Well, this week for us started off with every parents worst fear ~ a stay in Hospital with our son. All is well and we were very glad to come home. This has meant I have either been tending to a sick and poorly boy, trying to keep up with daily grind, busy at work or flaked out in a heap. Not great for providing interesting reading for y'all. But I will try so here goes ...
~ ~ ~

With Easter approaching I thought I would share with you some lovely Easter free downloads of printable loveliness.

Download said loveliness here at

Amongst other things these can be printed and used as Easter cards, tags, invitations to an Easter event, used along side Easter displays ~ I'm going to print some out postcard size and prop up on our mantelpiece, cut the pictures out to use as Easter bunting, the possibilities are endless.

Last years Easter craftiness of mine
 Can be found here.

Each year we have an Easter egg hunt around the garden (or house if its raining). Our youngish and not quite so youngish kids lurve it. They are armed with a basket and the promise of nomminess scattered hither and dither. They almost turn primeval over the sight of a shiny wrapped piece of chocolate. This Easter I'm also going to try something new, I'm going to give my kiddywinkles a handful of jelly beans to scatter in the garden (then pray the dogs aren't behind us gobbling them all up). In the morning they will find that lollipops have grown out of the ground where the beans have been scattered ~ eeek. They are probably way too old for this kinda fun and frolics but hey, the promise of additional sweets will no doubt get them out there reaping what they sow.

~ ~ ~
Hum, so what have I've been listening to this week ?
The video for this is very poignant for some parents xx
~ ~ ~

My latest bargain is this ~ yay.

I paid a whole £1.00, yep one squid for a brand new silk lampshade ~ whoop whoop and a yippee.

~ ~ ~

Shhhh, I have been on etsy again. My husband will lose the plot when he opens yet another email congratulating him on yet another purchase and for his wife's good taste ;) I have revisited the same shop that I bought the 1950's Greyhound racing postcard. I discovered that if you order more than one postcard at the same time the postage remains the same ~ well I'd be a fool not to partake!!! I currently have another 1950's American Greyhound postcard and a 1940s New York postcard crossing the pond. I plan to put these in frames and at a couple of quid each what a fab and unique way to fill a gap in our home. If temptation or vintage Americana isn't your thing then click the below but, for the week willed such as myself halt with the clicking as this link will take you to the etsy shop I have a secret crush on ...
The Vintage Plum shop

~ ~ ~

Just a lil thought before I go, this week I have been struck by the kindness shown to us by family, friends and hospital staff. From phone calls, messages and visitors to presents, cards, concern and well wishes.

Because it really does make a huge amount of difference to someone.
And, just as important ...
~ ~ ~

Well that's it for this weeks folks, I hope I've managed to russell up enough to entertain you. Until next Sunday, fingers crossed for a fit and healthy brand new week, bye y'all xx