Sunday, 24 March 2013

A smile is a smile ...

This week started off mighty cold with a few remaining signs of the snow that sneaked up and surprised us last Sunday.
 The week has remained fffffreezing cold then, blown me down, we had another tonne of snow yesterday! The view from my window as I type is white, white and more white.
The Easter bunny will be calling on Father Crimbo for a favour soon and spreading chocolaty joy via a sledge, reindeer's and a sack at this rate!!

 ~ ~ ~

What song has been playing over and over in my lil world this week?

Not gonna tell you!! Click to reveal ;)

I thought if I put this at the top of the page you may like to play it whilst reading x x

~ ~ ~

This weeks fav photo is ...

A close up of my Bertie boy.
I love to pick out a specific detail when taking a photo, I know its not to everyones taste and is definitely not the traditional style of taking photos but for me the detail in this photo and the look in Bert's eye speaks a thousand words x x

and ...

My boy dreaming sweetest dreams x x
~ ~ ~
During a mundane trip to do a mundane chore this week I came across this sign.
Now, to some this could be described as criminal damage but to me its totally fab, raised a smile and I wish more boring road signs could be given a personality and make more people smile. Life can be way too serious at times and one of the ways forward is to lighten up a little and see the funny side, if this includes adding 'expression' to street furniture then, hey.
A smile is a smile!!!
~ ~ ~
Easter will soon be upon us but with snow on the ground and such cold weather sadly it feels like anything but. In preparation I have started to decorate our home with Easter delights ...
Sadly though as hard as I try, I just can't switch from winter mode to Easter/Spring mode. May be the thought of all of that impending chocolate will do the trick ;)
~ ~ ~
This year I really want to add some colour to our patio.
At the moment it looks like this ...
Perfectly OK but what I really anchor after is this ...
A beautiful floral welcome.
 Can you imagine sitting an enjoying a cuppa surrounded the scent of these floral delights? 
I'm thinking something like this to add colour and interest  ...
At our old home we had a pergola built which we loved,
we'd lurve something like this again ...
So far I have bought these three colourful beauts in preparation of the patio beautifying project ...
All we need now is sun, sun, sun
(oh and some money)!!
~ ~ ~
 Love is ...
 Not just any bear hug though ...
A Bessy Bear Hug ...
♥ Bess adores her brother from another mother ♥
 ~ ~ ~
I have been scouring through my photos this week desperately in search of the prefect ones to 'bling up'. Yep, I've discovered that bling can be added to photos ~ OMG! This is a sample of what I have been happily making all sparkly and shiny ...

 Picmonkey ~ where bling happens

~ ~ ~

I have been doing overtime at work at the mo so to keep me motivated to spend time in the office instead of roaming free I have treated myself to a lil luxury.

Hello Kitty and a Liberty mix = I'm all in!!

The smell of the cream reminded me of something and it took me ages to figure out what? It's the smell of old fashioned Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. Ahhh, every time I take the lid off it evokes a tonne of memories, a treat that keeps on giving!! Yay :)
~ ~ ~
Well that's it for this week folks, thanks for reading.
Bye y'all
xx xx


  1. Your fav photo of the week is BRILLIANT! It captures so much personality and intelligence. What a great shot!


  2. Hey louise lovely post. Loving the body cream (i'm a sucker for Hello Kitty) really liking your garden plans, your garden would look beautiful with all that colour. Nice photos by the way, I really like those close ups, especially of the eyes xx

  3. Hi Hannah, nice to hear from you :) Thanks for your comment. Hope alls well with you, I keep updated with your blog. I love the Red string tradition, I haven't heard of it bfore. Also your close up photos are lovely too, very spring like. xx