Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Head for the Welsh coast ...

When a change of scenery from the world of West Oxfordshire is required we head for the Welsh coast. The Gower to be more specific where we affectionately call 'our second home'. We have made so many memories here, visiting as often as we can since both of our kiddywinks were babies. We made new memories yesterday when we took our puppy dog for her first ever trip to the sea side...
 My father in law and his puppy dog
and when the stormy clouds start to roll in ...
There is nothing like walking along your favourite beach on a crisp autumnal day looking up at a thunderous sky and making new memories ...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Hey presto travel salt and pepper pots ...

After finally being in a position to holiday in Hermie the caravan (now having insurance, bedding, curtains, tow bar, heating, etc ~ all of the expensive things)we were going to make our maiden voyage this week ~ yep the week the weather changed from sunny autumnal days to 'winter is here'.
We have decided to tuck Hermie up for winter and look forward to Spring adventures next year. In preparation for this weekends jolly we made these salt and pepper pots.
Two diddy jam jars, one tiny hold drilled in the lid of one and three in the lid of the other = hey presto travel salt and pepper pots. These will live in Hermie ready for when we do finally go on our merry way with him but also they'll be perfect to use for picnics too.
Another reminder that there is more than one use for almost everything x

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Our last weekend of October ...

Our seasonal fireplace ...
 Our sons pumpkin ...
My Munchkin ... 
 Leaf garland ...
Tis the season for Pheasants ...
I love our autumnal coloured light shade in the kitchen ...
 Our house is never complete without a bit of hedge ...
Sunday avo stroll ...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

I think I have a mind disorder ...

Definition of 'obsess'
v. ob·sessed, ob·sess·ing, ob·sess·es To preoccupy the mind excessively.
v.intr.  To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic:
                            ~ ~ ~
Oh man, I think I have a mind disorder aka obsessing over shiny things? I just can't stop seeking them out! I've tried to walk away but 'obsess' to the point I start to panic buy all shiny items. Below is yesterdays hoard of panic bought glitz and sparkle ...

 I have run out of ideas when it comes to using the tonne of bling I have. I've used broaches to decorate cushions, tie backs, pinned them on hand bags, to the bow of a present, on to plain shoes, on to fabric heart decorations, on to each piece of fabric on a line of bunting, on lampshades, on purses, as buttons  ... blah, quite frankly I could go on and on. Our home and furnishings are starting to strain under the weight of sparkly blingage.

I really need to get the magpie in me under control, the sooner the better, before bling completely takes over and finds itself donning my builder husbands work bag and my sons book bag. Seriously, in an attempt to justify my mind disorder and convince myself the next piece of bling is a true necessity this may not be too far fetched if I don't stop my mind from obsessing.
Oh help!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Such a delicate structure ...

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”
Anatole France

“Every Winter,
When the great sun has turned his face away,
The earth goes down into a vale of grief,
And fasts, and weeps, and shrouds herself in sables”
Charles Kingsley

The Leaves grow old
“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.”
John Burroughs

Monday, 22 October 2012

Part of my crafty contribution pressie ...

For several years now a small group of close friends and I join together to create something special for each others birthday present. Each one of us have very similar taste and are creative in different ways, from sewing/knitting & crafting to baking the most delish treats. These skills united make for a truly amazing birthday present bursting with unique, thoughtful, personalised, handmade delights all put together with love.
This years theme is 'hampers' and each one of us have contributed towards and received a hamper full of loveliness. I can not tell you how excited I was when it was my birthday and I sat in front of the most mahousive basket over flowing with presents wrapped in the most exquisite way. I unwrapped each one carefully to revel the most gorgeous treats from tiny hand painted frames with Cabbages and Roses prints inside, my fav bottle of dark Rum to the most luxurious winter throw and much, much more.  
This is the last hamper of the year ready and waiting for the gorgeous Becky's birthday:

This is part of my crafty contribution ...
For someone like myself with a touch of OCD or CDO put into alphabetical order as it should be ;) this has been a labour of love.
The letters on each card are not exactly the same size or in the middle of the card, if I lined the letters up then the tops of the cards would be wonky and vice versa. I decided to go with the tops of the cards all in line and level.
Being a perfectionist it bugs me that the finished item is not 'perfect' (and I don't know what that blackish mark is on the pic making the paper look like its not flat ~ grrr) but hopefully imperfection adds charm along with a handmade, homemade feel.
Happy birthday lovely Becky XXX

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Personalising a jacket ...

I confess, I have a bit of a thing for coats. In the past I have bought long ones, short ones, leather ones, thick ones, thin ones, practical ones and darn right outrageous ones. No coat design has ever been excluded from my wardrobe.  We took part in our annual village sale this summer and in sheer gob smakingly immense willpower I sold the majority of my coats! *weep, sob, boo hoo, whail*.  The thing is, my love of coats is so strong I can't walk past a nice one without buckling and buying (Tina you have been on the vast majority of coat buying expeditions with me, you know how they send me weak at the knees and frankly a bit bonkers). Whilst weak at the knees and bonkers I have bought coats that don't fit properly (you know the ones that are all good until you need to move your arms or god forbid reach up), coats that are so heavy they give me back ache, rain coats that are not waterproof, coats that may do up one day, you get the jist. All of this impractical eye candy was sold.
Just like a proper hoarder, I have already started to replace my stash but just in a thrifty way.
I bought this jacket for £3.00 with a view to personalising it in some way. 
It sat on the back of our chair for way too long while I pondered on how to spruce it up. After inspiration wasn't going to strike I decided to get out all of my trimmings, fabric, buttons, etc and experiment.

I liked this idea and sooooo wanted to use Cabbages and Roses fabric but sadly it just didn't work.

 After much pondering, head scratching and then sewing this is the finished item.

I changed the three buttons on each sleeve, added pink ribbon and a ruffle.
I used silver thread to sew on the pink buttons.
I changed the drab grey buttons for mother of pearl ones...
which I sewed on with multi coloured metallic thread.

Full of doubts that my revamped jacket actually looked kinda silly, I wore it around to a friend house with a big rain coat on top. Clutching my rain coat around me I said "right, please can I have your honest opinion, do I look like a pleb in this jacket"?  There was a gasp, hands went up to her mouth, she paused for what seamed like an eternity, I started wilting in embarrasment, and then she finally said "Oh, Lou I love it". PHEW!
We agreed that it needed something at the top on the lapels but what ever I had previously tried looked over the top.  My friend sent me away with the most beautiful and perfect scarf that sets it all off a treat.  May be this is the first of a new coat phase???