Monday, 22 October 2012

Part of my crafty contribution pressie ...

For several years now a small group of close friends and I join together to create something special for each others birthday present. Each one of us have very similar taste and are creative in different ways, from sewing/knitting & crafting to baking the most delish treats. These skills united make for a truly amazing birthday present bursting with unique, thoughtful, personalised, handmade delights all put together with love.
This years theme is 'hampers' and each one of us have contributed towards and received a hamper full of loveliness. I can not tell you how excited I was when it was my birthday and I sat in front of the most mahousive basket over flowing with presents wrapped in the most exquisite way. I unwrapped each one carefully to revel the most gorgeous treats from tiny hand painted frames with Cabbages and Roses prints inside, my fav bottle of dark Rum to the most luxurious winter throw and much, much more.  
This is the last hamper of the year ready and waiting for the gorgeous Becky's birthday:

This is part of my crafty contribution ...
For someone like myself with a touch of OCD or CDO put into alphabetical order as it should be ;) this has been a labour of love.
The letters on each card are not exactly the same size or in the middle of the card, if I lined the letters up then the tops of the cards would be wonky and vice versa. I decided to go with the tops of the cards all in line and level.
Being a perfectionist it bugs me that the finished item is not 'perfect' (and I don't know what that blackish mark is on the pic making the paper look like its not flat ~ grrr) but hopefully imperfection adds charm along with a handmade, homemade feel.
Happy birthday lovely Becky XXX