Saturday, 13 October 2012

'yay, you've got a wood burner' pressie...

Time seams to fly by way too quickly of late, I haven't had any spare to make one single thing. I put this wrong right today by spending a spare hour making a pressie for friends of ours.
They have coveted a wood burner for years and every winter that passes they stare wistfully at the spot where one day their beloved burner will live. In preparation they have had a pile of logs stashed away for at least two years that have been lovingly chopped into perfect heat generating little things.
Last week, finally after waiting an age, they had their brand spanking new wood burner installed.
In celebration of this momentous occasion I spent my spare hour making them a 'yay, you've got a wood burner' pressie.
A fire lighting kit:
Pine cone wrapped in paper ...
and the ends tied with twine.
Small  bundles of twigs tied with twine.
= A basket full of natures finest fire lighting treats.

My friend has blogged about receiving her fire lighting treats here