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Hi, thank you for visiting my lil blog. 
I live on the edge of the Cotswold's in an Oxfordshire village with my husband, daughter, son, Bertie my most handsome Greyhound, Bessie Bear Puppy Dog and Dib's the miserable cat.
I started blogging when a friend said she couldn't wait to meet up as she always enjoyed hearing where I had been, what bargains I had found, the latest auction antics, what photos I had snapped and the next bonkers project I had started.
She suggested I blog and Louise's West Oxon World was born.
I blog about my weeks wanderings around the stunning Oxfordshire countryside, visiting monthly auctions, Cotswold village car boot sales, my home and garden, my wish lists, photos taken along the way and crafts/sewing projects and caravanning.
Thank you for taking the time to read this lil introduction, now we have become acquainted I hope you enjoy my ramblings and return to read more in the future.
Love Louise xx
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Meet the gang ...
The family
Sorry but for safeguard reasons I don't upload photos of my kiddywinkles / family.  As much as I love them they don't feature in my posts.
Bertie my most handsome chap
Bessie Bear Puppy dog
Lil Bess lurves the camera and you'll find her lurking in most photos somewhere ~ yeh know in a 'Where's Wally' kinda way.
And last but not least Dibs the miserable cat.
x x
 If you would like to contact me I would love to hear from you. You can do so by emailing ...


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A brief history about my background ...


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