Sunday, 8 September 2013

Red sky at night ...

I just can't get enough of September:

When harvest starts a subconscious internal switch seems to flick me from Summer mode to the preparation of colder, shorter, stark days ahead.

Only the month of September brings such soft, beautiful light and the most intense sunsets.
Oh September, how I really do loveth thee.
 ~ ~ ~
Louis Vuitton. Now here is a man who knows how to advertise.
His Fall 2010 advertising campaign bowled me over, it's the only advertisement that has ever made me actually want to jump inside.
 It just oozed class, style and grace ... 
 Then came Spring/Summer 2012 and I my love of all things L.V. continued to flourish ...
Bring on fall 2013 is what I say ...
Now this, my friends promises to be the ultimate feast for the eyes, oh how my eyes can not wait as this is what has been wafted up and down the catwalk this season ...
Lace, faux fur in greys and emerald greens ... big dreamy sigh.
How I wait with anticipation to see Fall 2013's ad campaign
(and that one day I may just own a lil slither of Louis Vuitton delights of my very own ... well a girlie can dream)  
~ ~ ~
I am, with the help of a uber super stylish friend, verging on the start of selling vintage faux fur coats. With the above snippets of this seasons catwalk ensembles it looks like we may have timed
 this well and faux fur may be 'all the rage' this winter,
 eek we do hope so :D  Now, I fully appreciate that this style of winter wear is not everyone's cuppa but I personally love it. I have my very own vintage beaut fully laundered and hanging up ready for the arrival of our colder Brit weather. I have the urge to adorn it with a mahousive vintage brooch, just like they had to back in the day. Any excuse to add a bit of bling! Back in the day (1950's and 60's)these coats were the height of fashion and every discerning lady would step out in one,
60 years later and my coat is still looking fab and just the part.
It's almost worth wanting cold weather for!!
~ ~ ~
This week my friend Suzanne and I were lucky enough to be given a guided tour around a local organic farm (shop and café).
This has to be one of the most intriguing , beautiful, unique and  inspirational places to spend time. I took some snaps whilst going around for y'all to see ...
In the greenhouses the plants are played classical music 24 hours a day ...


One of many active bee hives ...



~ ~ ~
Well that's it for this week folks, I'm off to enjoy September. Until next week, bye y'all xx
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