Sunday, 22 September 2013

Eek, one more sleep ...

I am typing this on the eve of my birthday.
Oh how I love my birthday.
No matter how old, I still get the same excited feeling on the eve of my birthday as I did when I was a child.
Eek, one more sleep :D
~ ~ ~

As the summer draws to a close I would like to dry the Hydrangea's that are in our garden but from previous years experience there is a knack to getting them looking lovely and not brown and forlorn as I seam to do. I have sought the advice of a florist friend who has imparted these wise words that I'll share with y'all:

For the best results leave the flower head on the shrub until late summer. When the colours begin to change and the petals begin to crisp cut each stem to a good length, strip off the leaves and place in a vase with water. Top up the water occasionally, so that the petals keep their colour, and continue until the flower heads are completely dry.

So there you go folks, for anyone wishing to do the same, good luck :)

~ ~ ~

Last weekend my daughter was invited to attend her boyfriends sisters wedding.
Humm, what do you give a bride and groom who you have never met before and rather embarrassingly don't even know their names?

After much brain thought I decided to go with this ...
A wooden heart.
Fire up the wood burning pen ready for customisation and ...
ta dah ...
A personalised pressie!
All wrapped it up, ready to go with fingers crossed they really like it ~ here's hoping.
~ ~ ~
 Wednesday evening saw the most spectacular full moon ~ large, low and oh so bright. It's known as the Harvest Moon, a name given to the full moon that rises closest to the autumnal equinox. This year's equinox — the official start of autumn — is September 22. Why "harvest"? In the days before electric lights, farmers depended on bright moonlight to extend the workday beyond sunset. It was the only way they could gather their ripening crops in time for market. The full moon closest to the autumnal equinox became the Harvest Moon, and it was always a welcome sight.
~ ~ ~
Oh dear, with the arrival of the colder weather also come the coughs, cold and winter sniffles. This year I am going to try this age old remedy used by grandparents past and present, lets face it Grandparents know their stuff (other than feeding babies booze to send them to sleep)! So, this is what I will be doing:
To a cup of boiling hot water, add a teaspoon each of good clear honey and cider vinegar, drink as hot as you can bear it. Have 2-3 cups first day 1-2 cups second day.
 I'll let you know if it works!!
~ ~ ~
After what seams like forever since the last one, I finally attended an auction this weekend ~ huzzah!
Here are a few snaps of what was up for grabs ...
Victorian Christening gowns a plenty:
A 'different' type of flower vase:

Sigh, the most gorgeous vintage gloves. I bid on these but sadly they went for way above my limit, tut:
A brown parcel tied up with string, how fab: 

Ah, pink roses. What is there not to love about pink roses?

Once again we were outbid on both of these glass beauts. I also fell in love with the peach lampshade in the background (which we fondly nicknamed 'Auntie Mable') but as much as I hoped peach could blend in with our living room d├ęcor deep down I knew Auntie Mable would just end up lowering the tone!!
A whole box of enamel ware: 

A beautiful floral tapestry fire guard:

A mahousive set of etched Victorian glass:

Brown furniture everywhere, I have to say this is something I have never fallen out of love with. Sadly, due to our brown wood snobbery it is being shipped out of the Country every single day.
Shame on us ...
Boxes of delights lined up ready for a new home ... 
~ ~ ~
With all of this rose picking I have been doing this Summer (not to be confused with nose picking!) I am still enjoying each bud and bloom. They have dried out really well and have turned some really lovely muted colours.
I just hope our neighbours have such a beautiful crop of flora next year too ;)
~ ~ ~
Just look at these lil cuties I picked up this week ...

They are 1940's kiddies Gramophone LP's made of laminated cardboard.
Aren't they fab? I can see them in a kiddies room used as decoration looking retro, cute and uber unique. Until that time they are propped on a shelf in my kitchen and admired every single day :)
~ ~ ~
And last but not least just look what I now own:
Only a blooming pom pom scarf!!!
Like a scarf made entirely from pom poms!!!
I know right!!!
Soooo Pom pom tastic here in my lil world ~ whoop.
~ ~ ~
Well, that's all for this week.
Until next week, bye y'all xx
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