Sunday, 1 September 2013

Mother Nature's clever handy work ...

This week I have really noticed a definite change and Autumn is starting to make a subtle appearance. The nights have that distinctive chill to them and whilst out walking our dogs past 8.30pm I very quickly find myself engulfed in 'dusk'.
I have spent a morning pottering around the garden removing summer pots that were adorned with Pansies, Lilly's and other Summer flora but that now contain wilted and forlorn looking shadows of their former selves.
Something that I love about living in the UK is our seasons. In hot countries there are no distinctive seasons, however we have obvious (and anything but subtle) changes within one year. We can not fail to miss Mother Nature's clever handy work and still to this day we celebrate her efforts with Harvest Festivals and such like. Although sometimes Summer can feel like a very short Season and Winter a very long one, I for one would miss them with all my heart if they ceased to exist ...
with Autumn being my absolute favourite.
~ ~ ~
This week I have been appreciative and thankful of the kindness and generosity of the lovely people I have in my life, especially one who is migrating for winter.
This person has made such an impact to our lives in such a short space of time, especially to our daughter and I am so thankful for this and count ourselves lucky that our paths crossed and she classes us as her friends.
Whilst preparing for her migration she has been incredibly generous by giving our daughter a tonne of art supplies ... how do you show your appreciation to someone who is preparing to leave the country with as little as possible? What could I possibly do / buy to show our gratitude? Write a letter? My daughter to put her heart and soul into a drawing for her?  ???
In amongst the pile of goodies was the most humongously large American flag ~ joy of joys :D
This has now morphed into the most fab wall covering that we all LOVE ...

Thank you so very much for everything, especially your kindness Toni.
Enjoy your travels xx
~ ~ ~

I wanna share with y'all my new slippers bought during our holiday last week.
Slippers and pom poms together ... Oh yes please you clever Cyprian people :)

I loveth these quirky handmade delights
(wish I'd have bought more now)!!
~ ~ ~

I am still making the most of (other peoples) summer blooms, Roses have adorned our mantelpiece all Summer long ... how I will miss them when they are over for this year.

~ ~ ~

Hooray for friends called Wendy who make the most delish jam ...

 and thinks of her friend called Louise and makes her a pot too.

Finger licking, spoon sticking, belly tickling heaven xx

~ ~ ~

Well, until next week folks ... bye y'all xx

As seen over on Mod Vintage Life

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