Sunday, 15 September 2013

The pom poms did it for me ...

Sadly it's time to bid our Summer clothes a final "farewell" and dust off boots, warm socks and Autumn coats.

The days are noticeably darker (aka dull) and there is a distinctive Autumnal chill in the air by day and evening.

What an amazing Summer we have had though and for that we are VERY grateful.

~ ~ ~

This week I have been lucky enough to discover bargains ~ yay.

First was a pair of shoes belonging to a friend, she suggested I have them as they are very comfortable but no longer required.
Hum, as comfortable as they are they are not really my style ...

"Bring out that old skirt" is what I say ...
and some PVA glue ...

Still not everyone's cuppa I'm sure but personally I think with a long pair of jeans and the front showing ~ perfecto.
I love them :)
I also couldn't resist covering a lil woodland walk find too ...
Then, I was over the moon to find a really pretty valance this week for a whole £2.00 :)
It is made by Dorma with a Sanderson print (that is no longer available) and it reminds me of the Sanderson curtains we had adorning our bedroom window in our previous home (a 400 year old cottage). I really regret leaving those gorgeous curtains behind so when I saw this valance I just had to have it ...

Lastly, I now have the perfect complement to auction days.
For anyone who has attended an auction you will know that the day can be a long one, usually arriving at 8.30 and leaving happy but exhausted around 4-5pm. Within this time a gallon of tea, coffee along with tasty treats are purchased which can work out surprisingly costly.
But no!
Not any more ... 

I am now organised and have a tin for homemade (or probably shop bought) tasty treats plus a possible sarnie? And ...

A large coffee/tea pot to keep us going until at least lunch time!!
Those poor Café ladies can now put their feet up of an auction day, well at least for the morning ;)
~ ~ ~
I have coveted vintage Christmas tree baubles for years now (way before they were cool).  To me they are made of such quality and this shows in the weight, finish and above all and most importantly the shine and sparkle. Annoyingly, they command a high price and will be snapped up at boot sales and listed on ebay for £30 upwards before you can tut and say "damn, I wanted those".
Imagine my delight when I was lucky enough to get my hands one some this week. I was trying to act all cool and blasé saying words like "yeh, they are nice" and "hum, I think I'll have those" when my inside my head voice was shrieking "yippee, whoop, omg, what some awesome beauts".
Now, folks this is where the story takes a sad turn. My inside my head voice (who likes all things to be really clean) was not happy until years and years of dirt, grime and gunk had been washed away and removed so each bauble could sparkle and shine once again. NEVER, EVER do this!
I have now realised that vintage dec's are hand painted and can not be cleaned. I found this out when I returned to find the decoration part of my bauble floating in warm water.
Sob, sob, sob.
(This will probably be funny when its not still so raw that after years of searching I managed to wash the vintage from my vintage bauble)
I am now left with a shabby chic looking bauble that is very sparingly decorated with the vintage look I so anchored after ...

Continuing to sob.
If I am ever lucky enough to find anymore vintage bauble beauts I promise to never, ever, ever wash them, like at all!!
~ ~ ~
So, to cheer me up and also as a reward for all of this money saving I've been doing due to buying absolute bargains (my way of justification) I spent a very sophisticated day shopping with a friend this week.
To step into a shop that has brand new things is a treat in itself (especially as I haven't been high street shopping for like yonks) but also to see the high end shops Winter displays was the best part. Ted Bakers was my fav hands down. Sadly, I didn't have a camera on me so was unable to take shots but they had a whole vintage vibe going on with a collection of 1970's lampshades on cords hanging down, dark wood 1950's mantle clocks and flock wall paper. It was a vision of beauty and for me, I hardly noticed the clothes as I was too busy ogling the décor.
I did treat myself to something new, it was the pom poms that did it for me ...

A treat non the less as it wasn't cheap but it's my one winter luxury that I will enjoy wearing all winter long xx
~ ~ ~
My husband has been lucky enough to have been given a constant supply of eggs over these last few weeks. We are given freshly laid chicken and bantem eggs and I never fail to get a warm glow when I see them in our kitchen. Free range eggs, all shapes, sizes and colours with the odd feather attached sums up 'countryside kitchen' perectly.
Plus, they taste delish too with a double yoker in high demand around our table ~ double the nom.
~ ~ ~
And finally ... I stumbled upon this last weekend. I think it is a thing of beauty and pure perfection. Up close you can see where this animals ribs meet the chest bone, cavities for vital organs leading to the heart and the interciate and complex bone structure of the start of a tail that leads off the base of the spine.
I have no idea from what animal this once belonged but it now sits on our mantel piece ~ a very British thing to do!!
~ ~ ~
Well, that's it for this week folks. You can tell that the kids have returned to school after a long Summer break as I now have more things to share with you!!
Until next week, bye y'all xx
~ ~ ~
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