Sunday, 25 August 2013

A week of two halves ...

This week has been a week of two halves. Cyprus the first half then home un-packing, washing, working, a poorly son with a painful ear infection, us all catching the usual virus from the aeroplane air conditioning system, and my daughters exam results followed by her 15th birthday ~ phew!

So, first things first and here is the remainder of the photos taken in Cyprus that I wanted to share with y'all.
(part 2)

Coral Bay, Cyprus is:

Beautiful blue Mediterranean sea
Some of the most genuine and friendly people you'll ever meet
Not great for shopping
Lovely local dishes
Share similarities to England (drive on same side of the road, same electrical sockets, most speak very good English)
Children are made to feel very welcome
Laid back
Too many feral cats and dogs for my liking
Fallen blossom.

Banana plantation's are everywhere.
Beautiful flora.
Local wildlife.
Ah, that's better ~ cheers.
Stunning beaches
(The photo above and below have been taken by my brother-in-law)
More of his work can be found here
 Lara beach
and it's Turtle conservation area.
Agios Georgios Church nr Pathos ...
 The most gorgeous Mediterranean blues can be seen in this region.

Beautiful sunsets ...
and finally ...
~ ~ ~
Being on an aeroplane gives you access to the most stunning views imaginable ...
as we started to descend down through the clouds ...
the green, green grass of home came into view ...
and big Cities like beautiful Bath could be seen in all their glory ...
As I stared out of my lil porthole I wondered what people arriving to England for the first time were thinking? What are their first impressions? What have they arrived to see and do?
Sometimes,  when you have lived in a Country all your life and call it home it's easy to miss the beauty that is right under your nose.
~ ~ ~
 Whilst away, and much to my husbands displeasure,  we lugged a tonne of magazines through Bristol airport, through customs, on the plane, through Pathos airport and to our villa. It was so worth it though to be able to pour over each page, photo and text at my leisure. My top three magazines that each month wouldn't be complete without are:
Homes and Antiques
Country Homes and Interiors
Homes and Garden
I can not explain how much I love a crisp new magazine to delve into. Ahhh, my idea of heaven.
Here are some or my fav home features from past and present...
From Homes and Antiques. 
This months edition featured Bohemian delights ...
From Country Homes and Interiors
and snapped from the current Octobers edition ...

From Homes and Gardens:


 ~ ~ ~
Well, until next week folks when I am hoping not to be typing from my bed feeling rotten and all virus like, bye y'all xx
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  1. Once again, the Cyprus photos are wonderful. I love the way you use light, colour and texture, it really brings depth and interest in your images. I also enjoy your subtle fondness for kitsch too :-)
    Sorry to hear you're still not well after returning home. I seem to have survived without the bug (maybe those annoying, fidgety kids I was sat near during the flight scared the virus off!) Hope you're all feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks very much Martin, I am pleased with the way my photos came out (especially after having so many problems with my camera ~ grrrr). Glad to hear you avoided the nasty bug and look forward to seeing you soon :)

  3. Love Bougainvillea blossom, I miss Morocco. Feel better soon!