Sunday, 18 August 2013

Treasure hunting & Cyprus delights ...

Huzzah for new experiences :)

My friend and I got up with the Lark on Monday morning and drove to Newbury Antiques & collectors fair

This is the first time either of us have been and we weren't sure what to expect?

We arrived as they were still setting up and not sure if this was a good thing or bad? Yay for being there as the stall holders delights were being unpacked therefore getting first pick ~ embarrassing at 'hanging around' like those pesky traders at a car boot sale!

Anyways, no one seemed to mind and as it was quiet stall holders were really happy to chat and we learnt so much from them and about their particular field of interest in that first hour, fascinating.

We started off looking around the stalls inside (only because we didn't know where else we had to go) and all too quickly we were drawn in and were completely absorbed in the wide variety of stalls, collectors and antiques Newbury had to offer.

From the most beautiful fabric, lace, trimmings, buttons and all things haberdashery ...


To a lovely German lady selling the most exquisite vintage clothes and accessories ...

To a stall selling everything a glamorous lady requires ...
Then we ventured outside and I have to say this is where my heart lay. This to me is antiquing, rummaging through boxes and piles of this and that brought over by French, Belgium and German sellers. As well as the good ol' British sellers of course.
Outside we found the most fascinating things, from the curious to the down right bonkers and literally everything in between.

A quick stop for a cuppa and a bacon butty then eyes down and we're off again ...

How fab is this used as a TV cabinet? A great retro find for someone.

Now, what I really love is a stallholder with a random, bonkers mind selling random and bonkers things.
An eclectic mind makes for a great stall ...

Our bag filling up with gorgeousness ...
My friend bought the most stunning French statue of  the sacred heart. 
So a summary of Newbury Antiques and Collectors fair:
Get there early if you want the cream of the crop.
It costs a tenner each but if you get there after 10am it's reduced to a fiver.
The bacon butties are rank but the tea's ok.
Haggle, but in a polite way, they all come down in price if you ask nicely.
Chat. You'll learn loads.
Blue Jasperware sells for a couple of quid. Sadly it's sooooo not in vogue for 2013!!
~ ~ ~
Then from Blighty to Cyprus ...
Moments in time I have captured in Cyprus this week ~ Part 1 
T.B.C. ...  
& finally ...
Until next week, bye y'all xx

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  1. Those mannequins are amazing! I love that kind of 50s kitsch. Absolutely beautiful photos of Cyprus too. The old lady in black came out really well in the end! You have a really good eye for detail and texture too. Great stuff!