Monday, 29 October 2012

Hey presto travel salt and pepper pots ...

After finally being in a position to holiday in Hermie the caravan (now having insurance, bedding, curtains, tow bar, heating, etc ~ all of the expensive things)we were going to make our maiden voyage this week ~ yep the week the weather changed from sunny autumnal days to 'winter is here'.
We have decided to tuck Hermie up for winter and look forward to Spring adventures next year. In preparation for this weekends jolly we made these salt and pepper pots.
Two diddy jam jars, one tiny hold drilled in the lid of one and three in the lid of the other = hey presto travel salt and pepper pots. These will live in Hermie ready for when we do finally go on our merry way with him but also they'll be perfect to use for picnics too.
Another reminder that there is more than one use for almost everything x