Monday, 1 October 2012

It's vintage darling ...

I can now join the club of the prestine, unique and darn right trendy, I too can now say "oh this, it's vintage darling"!
I frequently come across vintage clothing on my travels but pass on by. I love the look on others but I feel it just isn't for me. I really appreciate a good 'ol vintage dress and love picking them up, holding them against me a doing a twirl but then put them back for someone else to enjoy. This dress however kept calling me as I walked away so I buckled and bought it.

It's a C&A special, I love it's colours and retro vibe.
I'm still not convinced that Polyester is my scene but, we'll see?

Vintage accessories? Ah now we're talking! I snap these up in a heart beat and wear them with joy. To me they are great quality, unusual and unique. Lets face it, for years the shop Accessorize have based their designs on vintage jewellery from the past, classic = timeless.
I bought the bracelet below from a lovely lady at a Country House car boot sale. She was selling it for £8.00 and explained that it once belonged to her Grandmother. It was love at first sight ♥. I totally LOVE it and when it's not making my wrist look pretty I display it on a small glass lamp shade in a window so the light illuminates it making it sparkle.