Saturday, 29 September 2012

Hi, I'm Bert. Here's my story ...

Hi,you may know me as Bertie but my real name is Menela Petal. I was born in Ireland in 2009 and had a brother and two sisters. Only my brother and I 'made the grade' and after a short spell of racing in Ireland we were both sold and shipped over to England to start a new life. I am a very shy boy and didn't enjoy racing (although I was good at it) and was relieved to have my brother by my side in the kennels. One day a lady started to come to the kennels, she had just lost her two beloved Greyhounds to illness and once a week she would walk me and my other friends. I lurved her and got (surprisingly for me) over excited when she put my lead on.  I showed her how much I loved her by skipping along by her side and rubbing my nose along the side of her leg to give her a cuddle. She called me "my boy" and although she said she would never take home a boy and always preferred girls I secretly hoped that one day she would take me home. My lucky day came when out of the blue, whilst loading my fellow Greyhounds up to go off racing, my owner and the lady came over to my kennel, I jumped off my bed and heard my owner say "I thought you only had bitches but he loves you. Go on take him, he'll be happier in a home, before I change my mind". 
That was the day I went home.

I was taken home in September 2011 and although very scared I knew I was safe and that my new family had already grown to love me.

On the 20th January 2012 whilst out for a walk I got scared, slipped my collar, ran way and was hit by a vehicle. I suffered multiple serious injuries including:
A fractured sternum.
Bruised Lung.
Blood loss.
All of my nails had been pulled out.
Most of my pads had been torn off.
I had the part of two stakes remaining in both back legs.
I had severe damage to my foreleg and my tendon was exposed.
I was covered in cuts, some very deep some not so.
When I was found nearly two miles from home I was hours away from death.

I remained on a drip and had several blood transfusions for several days, things looked very bleek for me.

My new family had a very tearful discussion with Sue the vet and all three very quickly decided to try for me.

Only one week later my family got a new addition. I heard them deciding if it was a good idea due to my illness but they couldn't disappoint their children who had been counting down the weeks then days.  She's called Bessie and doesn't look like a dog at all to me, I mean do you call those legs? Still, I am now happy to call myself her brother from another mother. At first I wasn't so sure though...

I mean, as if life wasn't hard with a fractured sternum, bruised lung, stitches in both back feet, having no pads or nails, having to be carried down the garden night and day, standing in snow with four umbrella cases on each foot to protect my bandages, wounds and stitches when having a wee and being off my head on Tramadol  .... to then have a 12 week old puppy follow me everywhere, jump on me, nibble me and more annoying than anything swing from my snout and tail.

But I grew to love her...

and she became my new best friend.

When some of my injuries worsened and the pain was unbearable she was always by my side.

WARNING ... icky photo next.
And at times worsen they did and I was hit by infection after infection.

and even going out for a wee was a challenge!

There were weeks when I couldn't move or stand, I was visiting the vets every day, 7 days a week and every time I was picked up I would wince in pain due to by broken sternum and damaged lung.
I watched my new Mum and Dad cry over me and wonder if they were doing the right thing by me. I could also see the love and admiration they had and when the days were long and never ending they kissed me, slept with me and cuddled me, tended to my wounds, and medicated me both day and night and I learnt to love them back and trust them as I know I was safe.

Over the months I slowing began to heel, mend and repair.

The long awaited day came the end of September when it was confirmed I was 100% better.
 My Mum and Dad agonised over ensuring I was not left with a limp as they didn't want that to effect me in older age and I'm pleased to say I only have a very slight limp due to my knuckles being broken on one foot.

I'm starting to go for short walks and feel back to my old self again. My Mum keeps telling me how much of a 'stunning boy' I look.
Most of all ... I know my family love me sooooooo very much that they will go through hell and back, eat baked beans on toast for months and give me unconditional care night and day in order to keep me well and alive.

I can't wait to be fit enough to run again, go for holidays in the Caravan with my family but most of all enjoy my days of racing freedom lazing in the garden and all over my Mums soft furnishing knowing I am finally in my forever home, safe, warm, happy and loved by all.

Love Bertie x

We can not thank Sue and her staff at Cornyard Vets enough along with Kathryn Kirby. X