Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Being a slave to perfection ...

Being a slave to perfection: when I recently bought this clutch bag, try as I might, I couldn't live with the sun faded patches it had all over (hence the 50p price tag). My guess is it had been sat in a shop window for a while and, although you can't see the damage in this photo, it was covered in shades of orange (and not in a nice way.)
After thinking of a way to disguise the two tone effect I remembered that, whilst having a cleaning fest on the caravan, I had accidentally bleached my brand new leggings with mould and mildew remover.
Ping, I'd had an idea! I used this to spray both sides of my bag and the bleach took an immediate and desired effect. Once again, this photo does not do the look justice. The thing is, I know what I used to get this look and in the back of my mind I keep thinking my bag looks like its covered in mould? Grrr, I'm sure if I bought it like this I wouldn't think anything of it.  I think the final straw came when I decided to Google the make of the bag as it still had the tag and packaging inside ~ it's none other than an expensive Lispeth Dahl designer clutch ~ that I have covered in mould and mildew remover ... ooops.

I've put the bag away in the hope that when I next look at it I'll see it with fresh eyes and lurve it ~ heres hoping?