Wednesday, 19 September 2012

So near yet so far ...

Those of you who have read my previous ramblings will know how much I adore Cabbages and Roses fabric (previous ramblings on the subject can be found here)and how my dream of all dreams is that one day I'll find an off cut for pence and skip off happily whilst planning what delights I can make.

Well, imagine my delight when poking out of a bag of bit and bobs at a car boot sale last weekend was a piece of this very fabric. My well trained eye honed in and spotted it from one hell of a distance and (like slow motion in an action film) I wadded through crowds, all varieties of dogs on all varieties of leads and the odd buggy and toddler, until finally it was within reaching distance and I swooped down and grabbed my dream. 
Only to find it was this ...
What can I make with this?
Any Cabbages and Roses print has been cut in half *wail*!!!

Forlorn I bought the piece for £1.00 and trudged with sloping shoulders trying to remind myself to be grateful and that patchwork is always an option!!!