Monday, 24 September 2012

If I were a squirrel I'd be titivating my nuts ....

Typing this whilst curled up on my snugly sofa under the warm glow of lamps while it tips down with rain outside making the day very dull, dark and dreary makes me want to hibernate.

The seasons are on the change and the light, wispy, delicate haze of summer is being taken over by the crisp, cold muted haze of Autumn.

I have always liked the idea that some people have two sets of soft furnishing for summer and winter. When Spring is in the air they take down curtains, remove throws, cushions and lamp shades then give their reception room a top to bottom spring clean. Then the heavy, rich furnishings are put away and are replaced with light, bright summery fabrics/patterns and vases filled with spring blooms to welcome the arrival of the English summer.

Sadly, I am far too tight or sensible to spend lavish amounts of money on two sets of soft furnishings so improvisation is the way forward.

In the warm summer months when the sun streams through the patio doors into our living room our soft furnishing consist of this ... 
(Photo is not so good as taken on a dull wet day)

Then when the need to hibernate among vast amounts of plump, rich cushions and throws takes hold two things are added to oblige ...

 The view as I type ...

A shawl is added which has rich, dark winter colours.

 Then a vintage eiderdown is put (shiny side down) to create a feathery cosy, snugly feel. The eiderdown was from a car boot sale costing £4.00.

This shawl was picked up for £2.00 at a car boot sale.

A cuppa tea whilst curled up on the sofa listening to the rain fall is the only way to see in hibernation season.