Friday, 28 September 2012

♫ Very big house in the country ♫ ...

Country House Car Boot Sales are all the rage around our neck of the woods.

Yep, and sadly I jumped on this very posh band waggon too late.
Numbers seam to have risen in the Country House/Estate fund raising car boot sales this year and sadly I only realised when they were all almost over~ grrr.  However, I have managed to attend two and both were jolly nice to walk around.
Lords, Ladies and gentry folk were selling their wares and, although a tad over priced for me, it was nice to see a 'different' calibre of items for sale.
I did take my camera to snap away and put pics up for your delight but sadly every time I thought about taking a pic my mind was distracted by "oh, look whats that over there" or "oh, party frocks, hold on a mo".  Most of the photos I did take were blurred as I was concentrating on looking somewhere else and not down the lens at the time. Sadly, this is all I have to share with you:

This was taken at Lodge Park, Sherborne Estate  who were raising funds for NSPCC.

They even had a band for our entertainment as we wandered around it's stately grounds.

Now this pile of clothes may look un-appealing to most but ... ladies this is the holy grail. These are ALL top designer makes inc Versace, Max Mara, etc and in amongst this lot were 4 brand new Ugg handbags ~ I know like OMG! The likes of Boden, Whistles and Toast were in a separate pile so as to apparently not to be confused with 'the real thing'!!!

Ooops - controversial one this but very apt for the setting we
were in.
A great spot to perch and enjoy a break and a cuppa half way around.
Ladies, the sign speaks for itself (oh what joy).

This lil lot was being sold for a song by an interior designer.

So there you have it, a very small insight into a car boot sale of an all together different kind.
Tally ho!!!