Sunday, 3 March 2013

It was from the real Kirstie Allsopp ...

Yay, it's March which means ... smiley Lambs and Spring!
Happy Spring folks xx
With that said though, this week started out ffffreezing and once again I have been left wondering how others look so chic in their winter ear muffs and go out of the house looking like a fool?

~ ~ ~
A very exciting letter plopped through our door this week. It was from the real Kirstie Allsopp no less. Yep, me and Kirstie are like that you know #crosses fingers! Nope, in honesty I think she thinks I'm a total loon but with a kind heart (probably not far off the mark). I saw a vintage Jaegar dress, thought to myself "that looks just like a Kirstie Allsopp dress, it's the exact style she wears" so I bought it and posted it to her. Yep, you did read that right ~ random and a bit stalker'like'ish but meant with very good intentions. So, the lovely Kirstie sent me a even lovelier letter thanking me. If I see her on my TV wearing it I will squeal like a piglet being chased by a small child ~ eeeeek!

 ~ ~ ~

So, on to the love of my new chair. Who would have thought a chair could make someone this happy. I love my chair, I have never felt love for a chair like it. Me and my chair are inseparable. Here is said chair ...
 With the chair in situ the redecoration of our living room is nearly at an end. It has been painted, furniture re-positioned, new chair purchased, wooden table sanded and waxed and lampshades swapped and moved around. All we need to finish the job is a new carpet. We have had much fun defacing our old one in preparation of the spangly new one...
Carpet art ~ every home should have some.
In honesty, after Bessy Bear Puppy dog chewed purple and orange sharpie pens on our carpet trashing it beyond all repair my 'OCD clean carpet' obsession has gone right out the window. During all of our kids lives I have constantly said/nagged "watch that pen, don't get it on the carpet" and "lean on something if your colouring books are on the carpet". I'm feeling liberated and Bohemian after Bess came over all Banksy and graffitied our flooring, to the point where I have said "hey kids, come on, lets draw all over the carpet". They looked at me the same way they did when I used too much strong smelling glue one avo and had an 'episode'. It felt very naughty but very satisfying in a 'being told not to do something so doing it" kinda way. I like trashed carpet and the so don't care feeling, I'm gonna come over all OCD again when our new carpet is fitted :(
Here are some pic's of our room thus far ...

 We still have burgandy accessories throughout which sadly no longer go. I'm loathed to move them on and some I love, like the leather bowl below, so I need to great creative!!
 The new colour we used to paint the walls.
 A stone shaped like a heart that we found on a beach abroad.
A cosy corner.
My view as I type
~ ~ ~
My heart fluttered with the joy of discovering the most gorgeous fabrics this week but then quickly sank as I realised I will now spend too many days dreamily 'wanting' such beautiful things.

Click on the link below if you dare but be warned, ravishing things lie in wait on the other side ...

Kate Forman

So, did you click on it?  Are you smitten like me? Will you now rush to trawl eBay in the hope of finding Kate's ravishing fabric at a pittance of a price?
If so I wish you luck along with offering my sincere apologies for sharing such an enticing website ;)

If you've got nerves of steel and an under active 'want' gland (as appose to my very over active want gland) then grab a cuppa and browse through these photos below found in the Inspiration section ...
~ ~ ~
 What have I been listening to this week I hear you cry
(with bleeding ears and a big sigh)
... this my friends:
~ ~ ~
 I have been struck down with an attack of etsy love again. I had managed to go cold turkey for well over six months but I've had a relapse, damn.
I have succomed to the following ...
 This is the prettiest handmade dog collar I have ever seen. A clever lady in America makes them using vintage fabric and one is winging it's way across the pond as I type ~ yippee.
Then I found this,
Soz for the small pic, it's a 1960's Greyhound racing postcard from a dog track in Florida, USA. Total cost plus shipping over here to Blighty is under £2.50 which is cheaper than a birthday card bought from the local corner shop. I have someone in mind to give this to on their birthday, that's if I can part with it when it arrives!!!
My fav, fav, fav ever purchase from etsy has been
One of these!
I have been obsessed with crows since a child! They are such beautiful birds, dressed from beak to toe in shiny jet black feathers and full of personality. I love staring dreamily out of the window at work watching them terrorise the seagulls resting on nearby roofs. A pair of crows can have such fun being a total pain up the ass to flocks of gulls ~ bursting with character and such fun bird to watch. Anyways, I commissioned a lady in Canada from a company called Moon Raven to sculpt a crows skull (different to their Ravens skulls). I am over the moon with it, I can not tell you how beautiful it is. I am definitely banned from going back on to their site, boo hoo.
I have two items saved in my 'favourites' that I love, but I mustn't buy them ~ my husband will self combust if he sees another 'congratulations you have purchased ..... from etsy' email ~ ooops :/
~ ~ ~ 

This weeks bargain purchase is this pretty book bought for £1.00. I bought it with the intention of cutting out the flowers and using them for decoupage, etc but I just can't bring myself to cut up a book. I don't know why but for some reason books seam sacred and to damage/deface them is just out of the question, big sigh.

So, for now it will sit with all of my other books looking pretty and a bit dusty.
~ ~ ~
Fav photo of the week? Is not one of mine! It's from this fab site Cre8  

Such a beautiful picture.
If I managed to create something even close to this I would be over the moon.

~ ~ ~
Well, that's about it for this week.  Until next Sunday ... bye y'all xx


  1. Ooooh a letter from Kirstie!! :) I can't wait to have a sit down in 'the' lovely chair! (If I'm allowed of course!) x

  2. You are more than welcome to come and snuggle in my new chair ~ you'll just need a crow bar to oik me out first!! ;) XX XX

  3. Hello ! Thank you so much for popping by my little blog!Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I havent given my blog the attention it deserves lately! Wrote a new post today though!
    Love your new chair, looks so luxurious and very comfortable!
    The Kirstie Allsopp story is brilliant! Hope she does wear it!
    So lovely to have some sunshine today!
    Rachel x

  4. Hi Rachel, lovely to hear from you :) Looking forward to reading your latest blog post. Thanks, yep my chair and Kirsties letter were the highlights of last week ~ yay. The lovely sunshine today has been most welcome, the sun makes a tonne of difference after such a long winter. Love Louise xx