Sunday, 17 March 2013

Glad to be home ...

Well, this week for us started off with every parents worst fear ~ a stay in Hospital with our son. All is well and we were very glad to come home. This has meant I have either been tending to a sick and poorly boy, trying to keep up with daily grind, busy at work or flaked out in a heap. Not great for providing interesting reading for y'all. But I will try so here goes ...
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With Easter approaching I thought I would share with you some lovely Easter free downloads of printable loveliness.

Download said loveliness here at

Amongst other things these can be printed and used as Easter cards, tags, invitations to an Easter event, used along side Easter displays ~ I'm going to print some out postcard size and prop up on our mantelpiece, cut the pictures out to use as Easter bunting, the possibilities are endless.

Last years Easter craftiness of mine
 Can be found here.

Each year we have an Easter egg hunt around the garden (or house if its raining). Our youngish and not quite so youngish kids lurve it. They are armed with a basket and the promise of nomminess scattered hither and dither. They almost turn primeval over the sight of a shiny wrapped piece of chocolate. This Easter I'm also going to try something new, I'm going to give my kiddywinkles a handful of jelly beans to scatter in the garden (then pray the dogs aren't behind us gobbling them all up). In the morning they will find that lollipops have grown out of the ground where the beans have been scattered ~ eeek. They are probably way too old for this kinda fun and frolics but hey, the promise of additional sweets will no doubt get them out there reaping what they sow.

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Hum, so what have I've been listening to this week ?
The video for this is very poignant for some parents xx
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My latest bargain is this ~ yay.

I paid a whole £1.00, yep one squid for a brand new silk lampshade ~ whoop whoop and a yippee.

~ ~ ~

Shhhh, I have been on etsy again. My husband will lose the plot when he opens yet another email congratulating him on yet another purchase and for his wife's good taste ;) I have revisited the same shop that I bought the 1950's Greyhound racing postcard. I discovered that if you order more than one postcard at the same time the postage remains the same ~ well I'd be a fool not to partake!!! I currently have another 1950's American Greyhound postcard and a 1940s New York postcard crossing the pond. I plan to put these in frames and at a couple of quid each what a fab and unique way to fill a gap in our home. If temptation or vintage Americana isn't your thing then click the below but, for the week willed such as myself halt with the clicking as this link will take you to the etsy shop I have a secret crush on ...
The Vintage Plum shop

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Just a lil thought before I go, this week I have been struck by the kindness shown to us by family, friends and hospital staff. From phone calls, messages and visitors to presents, cards, concern and well wishes.

Because it really does make a huge amount of difference to someone.
And, just as important ...
~ ~ ~

Well that's it for this weeks folks, I hope I've managed to russell up enough to entertain you. Until next Sunday, fingers crossed for a fit and healthy brand new week, bye y'all xx

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