Saturday, 23 February 2013

Yay, is Spring finally springing? ...

Yay, Spring has sprung and colour is starting to illuminate gardens and homes. Our home has been lifted by bright yellow daffodils, pink Tulips and hyacinth.


I paid a whole one pound more for our hyacinth as the cheaper versions were almost in full bloom. I am so glad I did. I now get to enjoy the spectacle that is tight green buds starting to turn a shade of delicate lilac as the prettiness inside starts to form. The two tone colours are as beautiful as the flower in full bloom in my eyes.

Whoop whoop for Spring.
~ ~ ~
 This weeks ten minute wonder was spent creating a pom pom garland. Wouldn't the world be a dull place without pom pom's? Pom Poms = fun name and to be around, they = fun! Anyways, enough about my love of them ♥
Basically the three ingredients used were pretty thread, a handful of pom poms and a needle (or iggle as my daughter used to call them which has stuck in our house). The iggle and thread went through the middle of the pom poms, two loops were tied at the end of the thread and ~ voila! A pom pom spectacular :)
Wouldn't it be great to combine pom poms and glitter ~ two obsessions in my life. Hum, thinking cap on!!!
~ ~ ~
I spent a very enjoyable Saturday being taught professional photography with the lovely Kate Bishop. I have been wanting to learn how to correctly take photos for a long time now and being tutored by someone who's work I admire was very exciting. My head is buzzing with iso, aperture, shutter speed, exposure and back lighting but ... I have learnt soooo much from Kate and could not have chosen a better tutor/course to teach me. Thank you Kate x
Kate can be found here ...
~ ~ ~

This week has been Nation Chip Week and all things chip like have been celebrated up and down the UK. A lil chip fact for you: When Charles Dickens was around Britain had fried fish warehouses - shops that sold fish and bread. But a few decades later we discovered how delicious it was to add chips - and our fish and chip shops were born!

Bring on the chips!!!

~ ~ ~
I have been a very lucky girlie ~ yippee. My Dad was given a huge pile of magazines to pass onto me , all of which have been collected by their owner over several years and have avoided the recycle bin as they were her favourite copies. They made their way to me as a result of a declutter. These are the most fab present ever, a pile of magazine heaven.  The lovely lady must have very similar taste to me as every copy is full of the most gorgeous interiors. The very first copy I picked up featured this home ...

An interior to die for and a great source of inspiration. I can't wait to steel a few quiet moments to devour each magazine page by page.

However, steeling a few quiet moments is easier said then done in our house. My quiet spot in the sun with my new (to me) magazine was soon invaded!
Firstly by Bessie Bear Puppy Dog and her baby (her baby being her fav teddy that she carries around),

Soon followed by my son and then Dib's the cat,

Grrr ~ my moment in the sun was all too quickly over and I found myself surrounded by a boy, a dog, a stuffed smelly dog and a cat all frolicking around on my magazine !!

Peace and quiet, wherefore art thou.?

~ ~ ~

This weeks bargain purchase is ...
This pretty hand painted picture of garden birds, costing a whole £3.00.
It is now looking very in keeping on the wall of my summer shed ~
a very pleasing find indeed :)

~ ~ ~

What have I been listening to this week ...
Suzanne Vega ~ Tom's Diner

 ~ ~ ~
Yay of all yays, yippee and a whoop ~ our new chair was delivered yesterday. I love, love, love it and had no idea that heaven is actually chair shaped. Sadly, I'm not able to show you a pic as our hot water tank has split and is leaking hot water so, with lack of space being a bungalow therefore using the airing cupboard as our place to stack a tonne of stuff, our house is in a real state ... but hopefully next week our living room and chair will feature in amongst my ramblings.
~ ~ ~

My fav photo of the week ...

It's got to be an image of Spring :)
~ ~ ~
And that's brought us full circle, until next Sunday ~ bye y'all xx
~ ~ ~

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