Sunday, 29 April 2012

I mark this spot with a ♥ ...

On a wet and rainy day such as today I’ve been putting my jumble sale buys to good use.  I recently bought a picture frame which has been sat looking forlorn and frankly in the way for too long now so I set to making it frame something made with love.
Wanting to mark our favourite part of the UK in some way this is
how I did it ...
The finished article has proven tricky to photograph but here it is in all it's glory.
I used the picture frame, embroidery thread and a map page.
My first attempt failed as the paper tore whilst sewing so I raided another page (from my husbands map ~ ooops), backed it with Sellotape, took a deep breath and started again.
Success this time :)
(It looks better than the photo ~ promise)

This heart marks the spot where our children have visited since being babies time and time again, year in, year out, come rain or shine and have grown up knowing this as their second home ♥


  1. My partner and I went to the Mumbles for a short break back in January 2010. Despite the snow, we had a lovely time.

    This is a really cute idea :) I wanted to do some projects with maps, but can never find any good second hand ones. I shall continue to search!

  2. Yes, Mumbles is such a lovely place isn't it, we spend time at Caswell Bay :)
    Thanks, glad you like my crafty creation. I'm also looking out for old maps too and then I will probably re-do this ~ I think it would look better on vintage pages or on black and white (then I can put this section of my husbands map back before he realises ;). Good luck with your search :)