Sunday, 22 April 2012

Jam jar up~cycling ...

For a while now I've wanted to see if I can make a hand wash container out of the pretty jars I've collected ...
 I know, I know, I really must get out more ... 
so last night in front of Saturday night TV I had a go!
Ta dah ... the finished product.
This is what I used ...
I decoupaged the jar lid then when dry made a hole using a drill.
I used the dispenser from the top of a handbag sized hand wash and inserted this in to the hole in the jar lid then glued in place.
Then finally, filled with hand wash.


  1. Nifty idea and looks good too :) I suppose this would work with glass bottles too.

    1. Hi, thanks :) I'm sure it would work with glass bottles too. From your comment I have discovered your blog ... wow I love it and what you make. The part that made me lol was "Do you suffer from Icanmakethatitis (aka No-need-to-buy-cos-I-can-make-it-myself disorder)?" so, so true :D I'm following your posts so will keep up-to-date with your crafty makes. Louise

    2. Hi! That's great. Glad you liked my craft blog :D Less time for making at the moment as I am back at work, but lots of projects on the back burner ;)

  2. Think its a great idea mate and looks great . Keep up the good ideas . When I get some time will try them out x

    1. Ah thanks Sue for the compliment and comment. Looking forward to seeing your crafty creations x