Sunday, 28 April 2013

A maternal supplier of baking delights & tasty stuff ...

This week a friend and I had two free invitations to attend The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers' Association Fair at Blenheim Palace. For two girlie's who are familiar with what is typically for sale at a general auction, this was the dizzy heights of the antiques and art world at it's best. The elite. So much so that a furniture expert who appears on the antiques roadshow amongst other things was there to buy. We were both like a couple of sponges absorbing up all of the wonders before our very eyes, like what is popular at the mo, prices, display ideas ~ we were in our element. Taking photos was a big no no but I was allowed to take this single snap
It was such a treat to see items of furniture at their very best, not only quality wise but also cleaned up, professionally polished and gleaming. We are used to seeing sad, forlorn things in need of tlc waiting for a trained, eager eye to see their potential and bring them back to life.
A great time was had, especially with it all being in such stunning surroundings.
~ ~ ~
I have been making a start on beautifying our garden this week.  To be honest I don't really know where to begin? I have so many different ideas and styles that I can't work out which one I want to go with? I got fed up with being confused and have made a start with what I already have and hope the rest just falls into place.
Do you remember the tacky plastic Wedgwood bowl I picked up recently (I can't remember if it was 50p or £1.00) which I had plans to use it in the garden?
Blog post here
Well, it is now planted with pretty Violas and looks as pretty as I hoped it would ...
I've also filled several other pots with pretty Violas and got another ready for sweet peas but sadly I'm lacking on the 'display' front and need something pretty to display my bits and bobs on. I'm on it though! The thing is like everything I hunt down it's got to be a real bargain so goodness only knows what will be appearing in this lil gap soon??
 Watch this space!!
~ ~ ~
Damn, here is my stash of bits and stuff that seams to be breading and multiplying more bits and stuff every week ~ ooops!!
Sigh, tut and a raise of the eyes, once again I feel the need to sell some things before my husband cottons on to the fact that I have been hoarding/shopping too much!!
Thing is though, these beauts all cost very little which seams to be one of the very few hazards of living in Oxfordshire, we have the most awesome charity/secondhand shops and car boot sales. All of these wealthy people and weekenders tempt me with their posh cast offs being sold for pence and I'm like a moth to the flame, every time
~  ~  ~
I have been raiding my local charity shops massive stack of 50p CD's this week and have plucked a beaut from the frankly bonkers collection of other peoples random cast off's. It's a greatest hits CD by a band my husband likes but I've never been a huge fan, however when this tune came on I rocked it like a loon.
I'm gonna add this one as well ... if I had to choose a fav of this band it would be this one. Not one to make you rock like a fool but a good tune all the same ...
~ ~ ~
Some of you may have noticed the lack of anything cooking related in my posts? That's because I am a terrible, doomed, luckless cook! Every now and then I feel the urge to dust off the mixing bowl and
re-attempt baking a lil something ~ will I ever learn? This week was one of those weeks where I started off full of optimism and feeling like a maternal supplier of baking delights. I picked my families jaws off the floor when I proudly announced that I was baking cupcakes, then I set about sifting, whisking, weighing and beating.
Soon after I remembered that baking just isn't something I enjoy but I continued with forced enthusiasm and produced these ...
They may look OK but I've seen thicker economy biscuits!!!
I used a rising agent but they have still turned out like icing with a slither of cake attached.

Sigh, one day I will grow up and become a maternal supplier of baking delights and tasty stuff.
 ~ ~ ~
My fav photo taken this week is this ...
A 'tweeked' softer version of the one at the top of the page.
~ ~ ~
Well thats about it for this week, until next Sunday ~ y'all xx

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