Sunday, 21 April 2013

I didn't see any Witches ...

I can't believe I am actually sat outside in a warm sunny spot while typing this weeks blog post. It's like summer in our garden, real proper summer! 

I've been a bit of a home bird this week and have busied myself tending to all of the things that I've neglected while over these last busy couple of weeks. (Cleaning the house, sorting out a mountain of post, cleaning the caravan, emptying and cleaning the summer shed and all of it's contents, washing, washing, washing, just way too much blah with a meh thrown in for good measure). I feel much better for catching up with my list of dullness and although my days off work have been full of dull atleast I feel like a proper housewife!!

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Firstly, I am pleased to say my latest obsession 'The 1975' have uploaded more songs to YouTube ~ eeeeeek.

So, if you liked last weeks linky then y'all lurve these below.

The 1975 ~ The City
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While I am sat here typing away my laptop is resting on this patio table ...
This table along with the two chairs are desperate for a bit of care and attention and a good 'ol lick of paint but ... this is where a problem lies.
Taken from Farrow and Ball website.
I would like to paint them a Farrow and Ball Cream (poss Mizzle)but my husband would like to paint them a mahogany coloured wood stain.
 Really?? Wood stain?? Stain? Urgh!!
Grrr husbands with opinions hey!
~ ~ ~
Have you come across the latest trend in wall decoration?
Patterned rollers that add a hand paint touch to walls.
Apparently the best place to buy them is NotWallpaper and this is what their etsy page says "our patterned paint rollers help you create a beautiful stencil like design on walls, wood, furniture, fabric, paper and more! We discovered the original rollers at an antiques shop in Kennebunkport Maine and wanted to re-create a forgotten decorating technique. Paint directly on walls in your choice of color paint! Get a beautiful wallpapered look with the ease of paint!"

Hum, I'm just not sure about the practicality of using one of these? You would need to have a very steady hand to match the patterns up, have even paint distribution which is hard with a roller as once loaded with paint the effect will start darker and turn lighter with each turn of the roller. May be that's the appeal of it? May be its an effect that is not suppose to look perfect and the whole point of it is to have a hand painted unique finish as appose to the perfect pattern repeat and colours of wallpaper?

I'd be really interested to use one and see the effect they create and I like the idea of using it to make pretty wrapping paper or on garden furniture.

Here's my fav designs ...

sold by NotWallpaper
  ~ ~ ~
Keeping fingers crossed for a lovely Summer and that the sun continues to shine, I thought you might like to see the home tour below of ...
Not only is the house a gorgeous bit of eye candy but its also a great source of inspiration and full of ideas on how to display summer blooms along with lovely things to put them in ~ enjoy.

 This is the lil display I have been able to gather from our garden, yay finally garden blooms have started to appear in our home.
~ ~ ~

We visited The Rollright Stones this week, a ancient mystical and fascinating place that we are very lucky to have just within the borders of West Oxfordshire.
The whispering Knights.
The King stone.
 The main reason for our visit to was to see the wooden sculpture of a Witch created by environmental artist David Gosling. It was erected in 2012 and was inspired by the well known legend of the Rollright Witch (in brief the mother Witch of Witchwood turned the King into the King Stone, his men the King’s Men Stone Circle, and his treacherous and conniving knights the Whispering Knights, although some say that the knights were actually at prayer. The Witch then transformed herself into an elder tree, which some say is still standing guard over the site today). This sculpture is not made as a permanent feature as it will deteriorate over time due to being made of dead wood that is held together with wire so we were grateful for a dry and mild day to go and visit.
 I have added a 'spooky' effect to my photo above ~ a bit tacky but I like it :D
Long Compton village lies just below the stones and, even to this day it is believed to have the highest concentration of Witches living there due to its geometric alignment for perfect ley-lines which are believed to generate energy.
It has to be said that the stones and the area they sit in hold some amazing secrets and foresight into the way our ancestors read and worshipped the land.

~ ~ ~

With the high winds we have been having this week sadly this lil baby bird become dislodged from it's nest.

I ushered it to a safe place near to where I think it fell and have kept my fingers crossed that it's been able to clamber back home. The poor birds are having a real hard time of it what with snow, severe prolonged cold snaps then high winds for most of this week. They need all the help they can get at the mo.

~ ~ ~
So this week my husband and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Following on from my recent obsession with The Rollright Stones and Ley Lines (did you know that there is a Ley Line Hunters Society?)we went for the most delish meal at The Red Lion in Long Compton, you know where the Witches are suppose to live!!
I didn't see any Witches although in my mind they all look like Meg from Meg and Mog with stripy tights and a tall black hat but then I was too busy ogling the fab and quirky decor. Now, any pub that has a Greyhound with a pretty shade on its head is a winner in my book ... 
A chap sat relaxing in a sunny spot with the days paper and a cold glass of white ...
The glasses that come with the jug of table water, oh sooooooo very pretty.
Anyways the meal was superb and, if we don't fall out over staining or painting of our patio furniture, I can't wait to go back and celebrate future wedding anniversaries with my lovely hubby again.
Oh, do you remember in a previous blog post here that as it's our crystal wedding anniversary I thought a vintage crystal chandelier would be fitting but then came down to earth with a bump as I realised that we live in a 1960's bungalow! Then, I discovered a lil parcel poked through our door I was squeaking with excitement as my husband told me he had bought me a surprise anniversary present from New York?
Well, d'ya wanna see what was inside the box?
Tah dah!
Hand made chandelier earrings made in New York (my fav place)from vintage crystals. And that my friends is why I married the man ♥
so, after a delish meal we mosied on to the next village aptly named Witchford
had a look at the beautiful surroundings then went back up the hill to The Rollright Stones where we sat and watched the sun go down x
~ ~ ~
Until next Sunday, by y'all xx


  1. Oh, those earrings are GORGEOUS!! You lucky thing!!!

    I'm off to check out that roller-stencil-thingy!


  2. Looks like you're in a very beautiful place. Have you come across the latest trend in wall decoration? I haven't, so hopefully you can share a separate post about it. A step-by-step tutorial, probably. Thanks. Only, if you've got time. :d Well, no hurry since I'm still finishing my dissertation literature review post too.

  3. Hi Robin, thanks for your comment and good luck with your review post :)