Friday, 17 May 2013

Rain showers ...

Rain showers and grey skies,
Depressing, drab, dull, wet, annoying, blah!
I have been forced to enjoy our new and improved patio area from behind the window this week with the downpour of intermittent showers.
In order to get a good view of my pots and flowers before they wilt and wither away I have taken up residence on the floor perched uncomfortably on a cushion.
I'm on the verge of Googling "a decent summer for a change" and in desperation doing some kinda strange ritual. Grrr ~ where is our summer?  #stamps foot
 ~ ~ ~
I have been listening to this all week. It is sooooooo beautiful and deserves your click and ear time. Enjoy xx
~ ~ ~
As soon as a dry spell came our way we fled the house and headed straight for the most beautiful wooded area known to man.
Sadly, these photos are too dark as grey skies above meant light was scarce.
A heavenly carpet of Bluebells to make the soul sing.
Sadly, the skies continued to darkened and all too soon our time was cut short.
~ ~ ~
Very boring topic alert!
I am going to tell you about my new washing line, whats that you say? "no, it's too boring ~ move on"!  Nope, I insist that you hear all about it!
I have a new washing line ~ hurrah.
After only ever having a twizzily around rotary one we decided to go all traditional this time. The total cost of £1.99 all in had some sway on the matter, 2 free acrow props and wire costing £1.99 was the real reason behind ditching rotaries.
These remind me of the lines you see in gardens with a row of old ladies pants and a few souvenir tea towels pegged out.
Still, at a cost of £1.99 we will now join the club and festoon our garden with pants, etc ~ it'll be like bunting just undercracker stylie!
~ ~ ~
 Take ... a retro pot for 50p
a couple of sprigs of blossom
Add the two together and ... voila
50p's worth of gorgeousness
 ~ ~ ~
My fav photos taken this week ...
~ ~ ~
Squeezing every last drop of dry fine weather out of this week, this is the view from our local dog walk along the river Windrush ...
Oh how we're making every ray of sunshine count so far this year!!
(you may have gleaned by now that I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with the sun/rain's effort so far this year ~ grrr)
~ ~ ~
Well that's it for this week ... I'm off to paint my face in some garish colours and sacrifice something to the sun
(hum, what would the sun want? #baffled)?
Anyways, until next Sunday bye y'all xx

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