Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Buddha that brings fertility? ...

Now we are well into the month of May car boot sales are in full swing across the land. Yay and thank goodness for that! With the extra long cold winter we've had the few booties that have continued through out the year have been deserted and the ones that started in Spring haven't really sprung. Bring on the milder, drier weather and other peoples tat, that's what I say!

Here lies the problem!

 My husband, and the keeper of sanity in our home was ready for this years season of booties and when I came home from my first trip of this year and wandered through the door with my plastic bag of goodies he sprang out of no where and administered the surprise technique (that gets me every time). "Lets see what you've bought"? "Did you stick to the list"? "OMG, how much stuff have you got in those bags"? were some of the questions fired at me. Ahhh, what list, damn I told him I'd written a list of necessities, grrr where can I hide the new smoothie maker, quick, eeeek ~ was what was running through my mind. Damn. He was on it ~ the new season of booties and a bargain obsessed wife! He was not gonna take this matter lightly!!!
So, the upshot of it is I have been allocated £5.00 a week out of the monthly budget to spend on 'second hand stuff'. Main reason being, my two bags of bits and bobs contained the most random selection of other people second hand cast offs imaginable from a juicer to a Buddha to a coat. Even more stuff to find space for in our stuffed to bulging home. My husbands rationale for this £5.00 budget is that it will keep the volume of stuff down to a minimum, meaning that come the end of Summer he won't have a garage and shed full of my bootie bargains. Very wise. This was what part of the garage looked like last year ...

However with that said the juicer has been juicing non stop since bringing it home. The lovely lady sold it me for £3.00, cheaper than buying a bottle of squash fruit, and we have spun to a pulp all manner of fruit and veg. Carrot and apple, apple and mango and banana and almonds are our favs so far. My son however is  more interested in pilfering various items from our fridge and giving them a quick whizz just for the satisfaction of mushing something up. The amount of food that has lost a side, slice of sprig this week is mind boggling!

Also, my lovely Buddha sits happily in our kitchen window. If anything he is a reminder to start that diet I keep meaning to be on! The lady I bought it from said that he meant something and if I rubbed his tummy then that 'something' (she'd forgotten what kind of luck this one brought)would come my way. I wandered off clutching him hoping and praying I hadn't just bought the Buddha that brings fertility to its owner!!!

 The current climate is not good for our boot sales:
I have already noticed this year that the common or garden boot sale is not the same as in previous years. As this blooming recession drags itself into get another year people are looking for:
Ways to bring more money into the home.
Ways to save spending more money.
These two put together around a field, open car boots and trestle tables makes for stalemate throughout West Oxfordshire.
Sellers need a decent price for their things and buyers are looking for a real bargain. Lots of sellers, lots or buyers but of late hardly any money changing hands. This will very soon result in sellers deciding that the £8.00 pitch fee just isn't worth paying when they are left with £15 odd pounds for all of their time and effort and a boot load of stuff to take home again. Such a shame if this does happen to our booties. I must make a sign saying "save our boot sales" and go about waving it in an angrily!!
~ ~ ~

My fav photos taken this week are these shadowy delights ...
I found this delicate lil lantern blowing around our garden, it now lives in our kitchen window looking lovely.

~ ~ ~

So our new mirror is up ~ yay, (previous post here)

I'm really pleased with it. When your sat in a large British Legion hall surrounded by over 500 lots for sale you can start to doubt your judgement on ...
Size: Everything looks small in such a big room.
Condition: It's possible but very tricky to start picking things up, turning them over and inspecting their every detail before the sale begins, especially large items. What you think is in OK nick can hide some nasties once the hammer is down and the thing is yours
 (I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been caught out on this one).
Really liking it: It can be love at first sight but when it's being held up by the porter and bidding is well underway that nagging doubt sneaks in, did I like it? Do I like it? Why did I mark it in the catalogue? Eeek hammers almost down am I gonna bid?
Anyways, this mirror has proved all good and my instinct didn't let me down.
~ ~ ~
OMG!! How cold has it been this week? Brrrr.
The only sign that it really is the middle of May and not some old manky winter month is fields scattered with lil lambs ...

and hedgerows in full bloom.
Grrr, sorry about the blacked out bits on these photos. I have a new phone and have spent way too much time trying to work the damn thing. I am beyond caring about random wrongness for the time being!!

~ ~ ~

Just wanted a share with you a pic of my fav lil concession within The Old Flighthouse. I love it! I know it's very stereotypical English but still, how I would love to snuggle down under a tartan throw and a wee dram in there.

(rubbish photo, blame the new phone).
~ ~ ~
Anyways, until next Sunday ... bye y'all xx


  1. We went to a car boot-type sale the other day and, after starting with high hopes, it was soooooo rubbish! Was v disappointed! You seem to have a knack for nabbing good stuff!
    Love your new mirror. xxxx