Sunday, 2 June 2013

Everything garden related is making me happy ...

I have become totally garden obsessed of late.
Everything to do with plants, flowers, pots, being creative and spending time in the garden is making me happy :)
This is a new phenomenon. May be I've finally grown up and become a proper adult? Anyways, in order to make our garden a more inviting space A LOT of time and hard work has been spent during these last few weeks but the reward is sooooo satisfying. It now feels like we have added another room to our house, the one outside.
Below are snaps showing the transformation of our border which have been taken during last week.
Before: Now, I know from afar this may look fine (especially to an untrained eye such as mine) but most of the plants were dead or disease ridden and what had managed to live needed splitting and stuff?? doing to.
Middle: After the most fabulous Duncan had spent a back breaking day taking almost every plant out and then separating them into a 'living' and 'dead' pile.
After: The finished article. Mark and I removed two dieing trees then moved and replanted one that was previously squashed up into the empty space which now has the room for it to flourish. Duncan split and replanted the saved plants and flowers.
As you can appreciate, a lot of time, work and money has gone into this patch of our garden but the reward is so satisfying and pleasing. Now it's all spangly and new we've just got to keep it up and add prettiness as and when we can ~ yay. The best bit :)
~ ~ ~
Just like a moth to the flame, a terrier to the cat!!
 Can you spot our cat? Lil Bess is giving a clue above ^
Is no where safe from the beady eyes of a cat seeking terrier?
~ ~ ~
Bank holiday car bootie booty:
 An old ceramic pot for the garden = 50p
 Two garden pots = £1.00 each
Rare American top for my daughter
(I had no clue that this was rare, my daughters gasps and gooey eyed stare was a sign)
A beautiful cardi that I lurve = £2.00 
Very expensive men's ski gloves (currently retail at £34.00) that fit my husband perfectly = £1.00
The summer is the best time to snap up really lovely and good quality winter goodies for a song. 
~ ~ ~
One of the best things about Spring/Summer for me is the variety of cut flowers. I fill our home with them. They make me happy. I lurve walking into a room and not only only seeing but smelling fresh cut flowers. I'm like a mini Elton John filling every room and cramming every space with flora beauty.
This weeks bountiful display ...
I enjoy every petal that brightens up our home  xx
~ ~ ~
I must share with you my most fav latest app.
  A beautiful mess.
 It's a fab app to use for adding text and doodles to your photos. Here are some of my favs abeautifulmessed'up photos: 
The app is currently 69p and it's the best 69p I've spent in ages :)
Give it a go, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.
~ ~ ~
 My fav photo taken this week is by a Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde who creates clouds indoors (yep baby clouds inside).
This photo is just simply beautiful.
~ ~ ~
Well that's it for this week folks, until next Sunday ... bye y'all xx



  1. I think this is my favourite post! Your garden is coming along so well!! They've done a brilliant job.

    And the cardigan is gorgeous.

    And I want that app too!!