Sunday, 9 June 2013

Antique table and chairs anyone? ...

My week in a nutshell:
Yay buy, OMG I've just bought, eeek quick sell, sell, sell!
 My friend and I went to a super posh auction just to look (yeh, that ol' chestnut) and in a moment of madness/weakness bid and bought. Up shot of this being, I came home with tail between legs then had to roll up at silly o'clock last Sunday morn to a car boot sale to sell things to make money to pay for my frivolous purchase. That, my friends is about the long and short of it!!
It all began at a posh auction: so I took a day off work to attend a 'selected sale' at a Cotswold auction house, one my friend and I have never been to before. They were selling 'selected items', aka posh and a cut above the normal. The aim of such a jaunt? To see what is quality and how much it sells for then try to find the same disguised as tat in a general auction, buy for peanuts and feel very pleased with ourselves. Reality? Sit agog at the prices things fetched while repeating "I wouldn't even buy that for pence at a car boot sale let alone pay hundreds for it" and "who are these people buying these things, are they mad"?
Here is an insight into our day ...
"hello lady please can we have two catalogues"?
"Yes, that will be £12.00 ~ they are £6.00 each"
W.H.A.T !!!
"Please bear with me while I pop my eyes back in so I can find you some money".
"Lou, this sale room is exquisite. EVERYTHING here is ravishing"
"Yes Wendy, I don't think we'll be buying anything today"!!
"Oh Wendy, look at this lovely bottle with a ballerina in, I love it, I think I really do need one of these in my life"
"Lou, I have fallen in love with this writing bureau. We must mark it in the catalogue and just see if it's within our price range"
Half an hour later ...
"What? That tiny frog sold for £720 not inc commission?? I would walk past that at a car boot sale"
Cor blimey, those two tiny dishes sold for £500.00???
"W.h.a.t! That manky ol' box which is not much bigger than a match box has just sold for £420.00??"
"Wendy, did those 6 plates really just sell for £2,700?"
"Yes Lou, we are well and truly out of our league here".
Several hours later ....
"Lou, did you just buy that antique Aubusson rug"?
"urm, yes Wendy I think I did"
^ said rug.
"Wendy, we are now up to £210.00 for the lovely bureau, our next bid will be £250.00 shall I continue"?
"Well Lou, it is a beautiful thing"!!
We were outbid in the £200 mark and it finally sold for over £400 ~ eek!
End of the day ...
"Hello I'm the porter, please settle your account and then I will help you carry your rug to the car. Congratulations, it's a beautiful thing"
"Oh shit"
~ ~ ~
For some reason my husband was having none of the
"what, this rug? We've had it ages. You know I bought it from a car boot sale for a fiver. I picked it up from the dry cleaners on the way home from the auction today"
Que a car boot sale.
~ ~ ~
Desperado car boot sale ...

So Sunday Wendy, my Dad and I arrived at 7.45 with a boot rammed with stuff to a quaint Oxfordshire village cricket pitch and tried to sell like we've never sold before.
Antique table and chairs anyone?
On a trip to the toilet I couldn't resist a mooch ...
and ... I bought these ...
A pair of original 80's DM's for my daughter = £15.00
(sorry Karen, they are a 7 but I am still on the look out for a 5)
This pretty vintage Pyrex dish and lid = 50p
A laundry bag for our trips away in Hermie the caravan
(no more carrier bags for us)! = £2.00
And finally, an Asiatic pheasant meat platter from the 1800's. Heaven! This design is the only thing I actively collect. I spotted this beaut from a far and swooped it up like a shot. The lovely chap selling it said "that's old that is, it was my Grandmothers mothers and I remember it from when I was a child". I told him that it will be cherished and will join my collection. We both parted smiling :)
I know, I know, I just really do know ... I am an utterly impossible and unstoppable thing, bits and stuff buying machine who needs to go into re-hab for compulsive bargain buying disorder. Sigh, will I ever be cured?
Meh, life's too short. Buy all of the things ~ hurrah.
~ ~ ~
Until next week, bye y'all xx


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  1. I can see why you got slowly lured in - that stuff is STUNNING!! Look at you, all Lady of the Manor!!!