Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hurry up and win that lottery ...


Firstly I wanna share with you this weeks crop from the garden. They smell and look Divine. I think I will always covet Sweet Peas in the garden from now on ~ beautiful.

~ ~ ~

So this week I made the most of an offer in a local store and purchased a book that has been on my wish list for like ever. I was waiting for my birthday (thank goodness for presents on your birthday, who ever thought of that idea was genius. It makes you look forward to getting even older) but when I saw what a bargain it was I snapped it up.
Pearl Lowe is like proper cool in my eyes and her home is proper cool too. She does Boho to perfection and I couldn't wait to flick through the pages and absorb her style and ideas.

Below is a small snippet of what is inside that pretty cover ...

Boho bliss eh? I'm off to buy black lace.

~ ~ ~

"Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow"?
"Fine thanks but I'm not Mary"!

Just thought I'd give y'all a lil look at what I have been picking up on my travels with our garden in mind.

A pot without a lid was being sold for £2.00. Perfect for giving a 'kitchen' feel to a pot of herbs.

 Two fruit bowls, one plastic with two holes drilled into the bottom and one wire to add height and interest. I plan to buy an Ivy or something similar to plant in the wire bowl ~ hopefully something trailing around and through the wire will look lovely.

An old fire grate which is used as a fire pit on chilly evenings

A car boot find used as decoration.
A basket to add that rustic feel.

A step ladder that was due to be thrown on a bonfire and now adds height and interest to our patio.

An old milk churn which I painted makes an interesting feature in a shady corner.

Our old chandelier / candle holder hangs from the tree and illuminates the garden beautifully. There is nothing nicer than sitting under the tree in candle light on a summers eve.
Left over ribbon saved from presents tied to the children's swing.

And finally, a pretty glass bowl bought for £1.00 with a splash of water in the bottom doubles up as a bird bath.

With hardly any money but by thinking of other uses for unwanted objects our garden is quickly becoming a lovely place to spend time. Yay :)

~ ~ ~

I have discovered a designer! I'm hooked! Everything he touches turns to heaven in my opinion. When I win the lottery (that I don't do but my Mum does and I'm hoping she wins) I will employ this person to style my new pad overlooking Central Park in New York.

This amazing man is called Martyn Lawrence Bullard. His designs are just perfection to me and I love his use of colours, textures and styles.  Take a look at these rooms he has beautified ...

Oh my word!!!
Come on Mum, hurry up and win that lottery!!!

~ ~ ~

After having such a rubbish and quite frankly a non starter of a summer last year I am enjoying all that this years better weather brings. We are so lucky to have this as our view whilst out on dog walks. Wild Poppies are in bloom and are looking stunning ...

I've also been admiring all of the Roses out in bloom.  This is something that will definitely be added to my wish list ~ a Rose bush ~ they are so pretty and to go outside and cut a posy of Roses sounds heaven.

and I found this blossom staring up at me whilst walking home from the school run this week ...

Summer lovin hey :D
It just had to come home and live with me.

~ ~ ~

Remember last week I blogged about winning a 'giveaway' from the most fab blog Lobster and Swan and I could get my Instragram photos turned into magnets for free?

Well here is the completed product and my photo choices ...

Thank you stickygram and Jeska, I really am over the moon with them :)

~ ~ ~

Well until next week and more ramblings from this sunny part of the world, bye y'all xx


  1. I LOVE and am hugely envious of your candle chandelier - I've been looking for something similar for years. Not even sure where we'd hang it but just WANT one!!

    By the way, did you know there's another Garden Trading Warehouse Sale in September (21st)? Did you know? Was I able to tell YOU something useful for once?!!


  2. Thanks Sarah, it came from Ikea. I was the same, had no space inside so in the tree it went. Thank you for the info on Garden Trading, I had a magnet through the post today but I did hear it from you first!!! ;) xx

  3. I featured your garden stuff on Mod Mix Monday at ModVintageLife....

  4. Hi Nita, thank you so, so much :)