Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Camper love began ...

So, as I type I do so from my Boho den, man how I love my scrumptious Boho den. This lil slice of heaven is inside Hermie our caravan home on two wheels.
Hermie was our home for two nights whilst on a holiday in the New Forest with lovely friends.

Whilst on the subject of our lovely friends …. I have Campervan envy ~ like BIG time. Just look at this corker …
 I have never seen the inside of a Campervan before (I know I live a sheltered life) so was really keen to have a snoop around ...

Proper retro cool right? As much as I love our Hermie and my Boho den I have to say our friends Camper really does have immense personality. This green mean machine (whose name is actually Hannibal) is where my Camper love began!!!
Still, Camper envy aside what a really, really lovely time was had. Great weather, great company, great food = great times ...
Our Hermie with the setting sun behind. My husband rudely calls him 'The Sprout' which doesn't sound as pretty as "The Sprite". Tut!!


Yay for living with friends in a field.
~ ~ ~

I just wanted to share with you my lil collection of memento stones. Basically, every journey we make in Hermie we find a stone or shell and write on it where it's from and the date.

By doing this we will always have a reminder of the great memories we made and the people we made them with, during our holidays in Hermie.
~ ~ ~

Here are a few snaps taken of the pretty journey home from the New Forest to Oxfordshire. Yay for going really slow due to a caravan being attached ~ I could have a proper nosey!!!

Just look at this place below. It's actually lived in! I have fallen in love and sooooo desperately wanna go inside for a cuppa tea and chat with the owner ~ I bet they are very interesting folk. I wonder what it's like inside? 

~ ~ ~
This is a dull topic but as it's been at the forefront of my mind for many a week now I wanted to share with you where my journey is currently at with 'buying local'.

As the weeks go by I have been on a mission to buy healthy (organic if poss), local sourced food. This, let me tell you is no mean feat when you are used to buying everything all under one roof (i.e. large but dull supermarket)and you live in the middle of nowhere. Still, undeterred I have persevered with my quest and this is what I managed to purchase this week from within a 3 mile radius of home.

I'm not used to carrots coming complete!
In a nutshell this is where I am currently with my pursuit:
1) Most stuff is much more expensive than the supermarket (sometimes double).
2) It is almost impossible to purchase a weeks supply locally. For example dish washer tablets cost a fortune in the local convenience stores by us where as in a large supermarket in town it's so much better value.
3) You need a constant supply of cash to pop here and there to buy stuff. Most small independent places open odd hours so you can only go on certain days/hours.
4) Finding picked fresh, local fruit to fill a fruit bowl is like trying to find hens teeth. Impossible!
5) It is a military operation that can take over each day trying to plan where and when to buy a weeks supply of food. Mondays I can buy veg from the guy with an Orchard but he's away on holiday for two weeks so will have to find somewhere else until he's home. Tuesday the farm shop is usually out of milk, Wednesday is a good day to buy dairy from them, etc, etc. Our fridge has never got all of the basic food stuffs in ~ Quiet frankly this makes my brain ache!!
6) I have started to make my own hedgerow cordial, I'm damned if I'm spending over 3 quid a bottle on organic squash! 
7) I will persevere with it until I find a manageable and affordable balance to feed my family fresh, healthy, locally sourced food.

~ ~ ~

Did you happen to notice my latest charity shop buy in the photos above? A pretty flower vase.

 Well, with every day that goes by I am gradually filling it with more and more of the villagers floral overhang!! On dog walks and school runs you will find me looking very dodgy whilst trying to quickly snap off a pretty bit of hedge or bush then walk away like 'nope, wasn't me'!!

This is what has made it's way to my new vase as the week's gone on ...

Crimes against floral overhang?
Ooops! I hang my head in shame ~ guilty as charged!
; )

~ ~ ~

Well, until next week enjoy the sunshine ~ bye y'all xx



  1. Lovely Boho camper, I really want to make one over too, and was that a surf board table in the green one? Awesome!

    I know what you mean about buying local, but we are lucky to have a really great farm shop only a 15 minute walk away, and sometimes it's cheaper, but then we save on petrol so I think it's worth it and helps that they are really nice folk that own it, but every couple of weeks it's just so easy to go online and get a big supermarket to deliver!

    Feels like I really earned my cornetto when it's a 30 minute calorie burning round trip up and down hills to get to it, village life, ha!

  2. Hi Jeska, lovely to hear from you :) Yes it is a surf board table, not only did our friends revamp their Camper from scratch but also made the table using a second hand surf board ~ how clever!
    I think the one big shop from a supermarket topped up with local and seasonal food is the way we are heading too. I do love I idea of eating local, fresh produce. Like you say, village life!! xx