Friday, 16 December 2011

‘Attempts’ at candle making …

After wanting to try candle making for way too long I finally got the chance and a friend and I were like a couple of kids come candle making day. 
 Sadly our attempt's were unsuccessful - disappointed :(
I thought I would blog about 'failure' so here goes …

I think this is where the blame lies for the failure, we used candle gel.  The reason for using this and not wax is because we were told that perfume and colour could be added to gel where as this couldn't be done with wax? Only trouble is gel is said to be very difficult to work with.

Boiling the gel in a 'double boiler' effect pan and glass bowl - phew, it takes an age to get to the 200o required.

Our vessel and zinc wick ready and waiting ...

Naively, these were the other vessels we had waiting to fill :/

And finally ... our candles.  To the gel we added red food colouring and essential oils.

Only problem, the wick went out as soon as it reached the candle and then would not re-light. 
Our candles are for admiring and looking at but not touching - boo hoo.

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