Sunday, 11 December 2011

Decoupage - A new lease of life to tired, old baubles.

So … after being struck down with a debilitating virus I am now slowing on the road to recovery – yippee.  Spending quality time with the sofa is beginning to get very boring so to break up the monotony I have tried my hand at decoupage. 

For this I used what ever was close to hand, being:

Old Baubles
Scraps of fabric.  Some of the pieces are my daughters old clothes which will bring back memories every year from now on.
PVA glue

I cut the fabric into small pieces using pinking shears to prevent the edges from fraying.  Coated the bauble in glue, attached the fabric then covered the whole bauble in glue.

The end result being …

A new lease of life has been given to a set of tired, old baubles.

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