Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Crafty presents...

I’ve been racking my brains for a unique and different Christmas present to give that doesn’t cost a fortune.

On my travels I’ve been looking out for things to use to create a Christmas gift that is unique, pretty, and practical but that won't break the bank.  Saturday provided just this opportunity as I was lucky enough to spend the day at an auction with friends.  This was my very first experience of an auction and I’m now totally hooked, it’s like being transfixed in front of a really good live show whilst shopping all at the same time – OMG - perfect, Saturdays just couldn’t get any better!  My one and only purchase (very restrained as I was a tad scared) was a box full of assorted glass which contained two beautiful decanters – the perfect object for a present. I’ve filled them with Orange and Cinnamon luxury bubble bath (the luxury part is because it’s from Waitrose!), added ribbon and finished with a broach.
 I'm so pleased with how they look I'm very tempted to keep them all to myself  ;)

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  1. Wow they are fab and what a great idea! Which auction did you go to? I've always been tempted...x

  2. Louise where do you get your inspiration from? These look amazing and are special because they are unique. I love them!