Sunday, 27 November 2011

♥ Merry, cheesy Chrimbo ♥

As the festive season approaches my thoughts have turned to presents to give that won’t cost an arm and a leg.  On my pressie list is a ‘person’ (who I shall keep nameless) who loves all kinds of different cheeses but has complained they have struggled to find a board long enough on which to display and cut the various cheeses she laden’s her table with.  This gave me an idea ….

An off cut of 8x2 planed timber
(bought from Timm's Builders Merchants, Brize Norton)
A template that I used to draw around to mark where to cut the wood.

After being cut and sanded by my very clever father-in-law (in the absence of a handy family member a timbers merchants or carpenter can help).

I have then treated with several coats of Danish Oil.  Danish Oil is perfect for use on kitchenware, cutting boards, and children's furniture as it is food safe and non-toxic.

It was at this point my husband walked past and said "thats festive, you've designed a Christmas Cracker".  This was un-intentional and all I could see was a cracker before me until my son walked past and said "cool, a sweet"!!!  I'm not sure if this is a happy accident or a design fault?

♥ Merry, cheesy Chrimbo ♥

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  1. I was a little sad that no one had commented on this great gift Lou so decided to add mine! You are very creative and I think you should think up ideas to market as I am sure you would do very well.