Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cushion covers ...

Today I attempted to sew an envelope cushion cover using a piece of (much sought after) antique French linen.  Having been told by several friends that this is the easiest way to create a cushion cover I was still un-convinced I could actually pull it off.  I turned to my trusty book ‘Homemade’ (written by Ros Badger & Elspeth Thompson) for no nonsense instructions and after much head scratching and reading the instructions over and over the penny dropped and “yes” it is a very simple way to sew a cushion cover.

The instructions are as follows:

Starting from the finished edge, cut a length of fabric two-and-a-half times longer than the cushion pad, plus 2.5cm (1in) all around to allow for seams.

Fold the fabric, right sides together, as if wrapping around a cushion, so that the edge that you want visible for the outer side of the envelope come two-thirds of the way up the length of the cushion.  Make sure, too, that this edge is inside, facing downwards, with the other flap over the top. (This is the paragraph that foxed me for a while).

Machine or hand stitch securely along the two outside edges of the cover, sewing through two and then three layers of fabric.  Turn the cover inside out, iron if required and insert cushion pad.


                       Ta da .... after

After making the above I got adventurous (cocky) and immediately set to making another one.  This time I did bite off more than I could chew as the fabric I used was patterned.  As you can see from the photo below there is a knack to making sure the fabric is central and I haven’t mastered this yet!! 

To finish my linen cushion off I’m hoping to sew a square of the beautiful Cabbages and Roses fabric on to the front.  My mission now is to try and track down a piece of the below …. Keep your fingers crossed, I think I could be looking for a while!!!

Cabbages and Roses designer Hampshire

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