Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

I can’t go past a skip without secretly wanting to jump in and have a good rummage.  Sadly I’m far too reserved so pass on by looking at it longing – that is until several months ago when thrown on top of a skip was a very warped, very purple and very un-loved cabinet.  Most desperately wanting it but too over come with shyness I begged my husband to knock on the door of the person who owned the skip to ask if we could take the manky cabinet perched on top.  Later that day my lovely husband arrived home with a very sorry looking piece of furniture, it felt like all my Christmas had come at once.  One mans trash is another mans treasure.

All hands on deck.

Ta da !

Achieved by sanding, undercoating, glossing and using a scrap of material as a curtain costing less than £10.00 in total – yippee.


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