Friday, 25 November 2011

Like ‘marmite’ … you either love it or hate it.

Being a very traditional girl I never thought I would have the urge to make a very bright, very sparkly retro picture of my lovely Bertie the Greyhound – but I have! As I really wasn’t sure what the finished article would look like I set about thinking of a way to accomplish it as cheaply as possible. 
The items I gathered are:

An Oak frame bought from a garage sale.

A sample piece of wallpaper
A contrasting piece of wrapping paper
A photo of Bertie taken of him looking to the side
An enlarged photocopy of the photo (which was trial and error to work out the right sized enlargement, as you can see from the three pieces of paper).

I carefully cut of the enlarged photo of Bertie boy ensuring I cut around all off the little tufts and quirks to keep it looking just like him and add personality.

I then drew around the cut out photo on to the back of a sheet of contrasting wrapping paper and, once again, carefully cut out.  (It was at this point I thought I’d made a big mistake choosing a Greyhound as my subject as it looked suspiciously like the Loch Ness Monster).

Then I used the previous picture inside the frame as a template to cover with the sample piece of wallpaper I chose.

I then attempted to glue the silhouette on to the backing wallpaper, this was a mistake as the glue made the paper pucker up and dry with a slight creased look.  I quickly took it away of the backing and let it dry out.  I haven’t attempted to attach both papers together again as the glass keeps the silhouette in place.

The picture was then put into the frame and ...

The photo doesn’t do the ultra sparkly paper justice but I’m sure you get the idea – very bling.

Its like ‘marmite’  … you either love it or hate it.

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