Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Full circle ... thats all folks x

Well, folks we've come full circle! On the 13th November last year I typed my very first blog post (here) which read:

My very own blog.

Hi, welcome to my blog.  Due to living in a small West Oxfordshire village I am always looking for ways to keep myself busy and these include attempting to make all kinds of crafts, constantly re-vamping my home with bits and bobs and visiting lovely Oxfordshire countryside - all of which is done on the strictest of budgets.  A friend suggested I start a blog posting snippets of what I get up to whilst trying to create a world full of lovely things on a shoe-string.  So here goes ..... 
170 posts later with daily visitors from far away places such as the United States, Canada, Sweden and Ukraine I'm surprised how far me and my lil blog have come.
I have always seen this as a 12 month venture.  An insight into a year of a West Oxforshire girls comings and goings, ramblings, chatterings and randomness. 
This for me has never been about anything other than putting things out there for peoples pure enjoyment. Something to read whilst having a cuppa, a world to dip in and out of when possible. 
I've really enjoyed the whole process of this lil venture, from taking photos to chatting away to you all and you have been a wonderful audience who have gained momentum along the way.
Surprisingly I am in two minds was to whether to hang up my blogging hat? As much as this has been a 12 month thing for me, I've become fond of my lil blog, have made lovely new friends along the way, and surprisingly my figures tell me I've gained quite a following. If I close it all down and walk away will I ever be able to return in the same way again?
Humm, I'm not sure if you've heard the last of me but for now I want to say a mahousive heart felt 'thank you' dear friends for your time, support and for joining me whilst I tried to create a world full of lovely things on a shoe-string. X