Thursday, 8 November 2012

Moonlighting ...

For a while now I have had my heart set on a string of twinkly fairy lights which I have envisaged adorning Hermie our caravan making him look beautiful both inside and out. I have mused over the perfect lights and decided upon a crystal droplet effect, these have now been on my 'seek out and buy' list for a while.
During a recent trip to IKEA I came across such lights, they were all I had hoped they would be and I could immediately see them strung up illuminating our Hermie to perfection. A quick check of the price whilst tossing them in my basket got me fishing them back out again faster than they'd gone in. What! £18.00? In IKEA? And the bulbs can not be replaced when needed? Huh, don't think so! 
Next to the 'expensive for IKEA' set were the 'thats more like it' set for £6.00. They were hearts, not what I'd envisaged but they were £6.00 and with the words my husband keeps chanting at me "it's only a caravan, why are you buying all of this stuff?" lodged in my mind I bought the cheap and cheerful set.
Last night (after finally finding the very rare correct sized batteries to fit the cheep and cheerful set of lights) I set about stringing them up, the exciting part ~ yippee.
Annoyingly, the caravan battery ran flat so I was in the dark, torch held in mouth, sellotaping lights up to Hermies windows. When they were all strung up and in place I called the family out to watch the grand switch on of Hermie illuminations. 3, 2, 1 ..... Ta dahhhhhh! Gasp! Oh no ...
Hermie had been turned into a knocking shop with the flick of a switch ...
 The hearts have bright red flashing bulbs in that when switched on shriek 'Caravan of ill repute, when the caravans a rocking don't come a knocking'
Whilst fumbling around with the smutty lights trying to work out if the bulbs could be change for any other colour our neighbour (who also happens to be high up in the Police Force)came down our drive to pick up his children. I shouted from the caravan "wow, that was quick, you didn't take long to come home"
He stopped mid step on the drive, thank goodness it was dark (other than the smutty red glow) so I couldn't see him agog staring at such a damn spectacle parked on our drive.
Top of my 'seek out and buy' list ... more appropriate lighting :/