Sunday, 25 November 2012

The first cuttings ...

                         Sunday 25th November
Welcome to the first of my weekly Sunday blog posts.
This week brought the delivery of, not one but two very, very lovely Cabbages and Roses cushions ~ eeeek. The excitement of finally receiving my most coveted item has been off the scale. They give me that happy feeling every time I look at them. Both our Cat Dib's and I can vouch that they are not only perfect in looks and beauty but also in size and comfort. So comfortable in fact that the cat and I frequently have a tussle over them which usually ends in me getting hissed at forcing me to back off holding both up hands in submission.
I've bought that cat up well, such impeccable taste.
November = virus~r~us
Fresh Orange juice is what I've decided we need to banish the November virus blues. I have spent, to be fair way too much time investigating the best way to extract the juice (saddo, I know). I've had demonstrations on posh expensive juicers and listened intently to suggestions from friends. It seams the three most recommended methods are:
  1. A simple citrus juicer will do the job, possibly a Braun one for around £20.00
  2. A simple metal juicer that you use by hand with a lever and a strong arm.
  3. A simple Edwardian glass juicer.
I was really pleased to see the word 'simple' appear in all three recommendations above. I decided to go for the cheapest option first and work my way up from there. The cheapest was the glass juicer, purchased for the grand total of £3.00 and I'm chuffed to bits (orange juicy bits) with it. Juicing has never been easier, non messy and with such little washing up ~ yippee.  
The down side if there is one? Over doing it with the internet Orange buying ~ ooops!
♫ It's starting to look a lot like Christmas,
everywhere you go
Even in our house! We've had the first Christmas offering brought home from school, the first gaggle of Christmas decs and the first charity shop Christmas purchase ~ a string of shiny teeny tiny disco balls for 20p.
Ho Ho Ho is a'coming !!!

Here are a few of this weeks Autumnal pics for your delight ...
and, my favourite photo of the week. Our Bert boy ♥ ...

There is nothing like a pretty table decoration during the long, dark November days to create a cosy, warm glow. I scuttled down the garden this week and plucked moss from the wall, brushed off an old terracotta pot & scuttled back into the warm.
Add a candle and red gingham ribbon to the mix and an instant cosy glow ~ ahhhh.

I (who can not cook) have been thanking the Lord that Nigel Slater has been introduced into my lil world. I love him! For some reason he is the only person who has ignited any kind of enthusiasm in me to produce food worthy of bringing to the table.
After rushing off and treating myself to his latest book, below is the first recipe I attempted. Lemon Curd. Now to most this is probably a really easy lil thing to whip up but to me it's real preparing and cooking. I tried really hard to follow Nigel to the letter and I was rewarded with the most delish Lemon Curd I think I have ever tasted.
This has been spread on toasted crumpets, dolloped into breakfast along with fruit and yogurt, spread on my daughters cakes and even appeared in lunch boxes inbetween two slices or bread.
Nigel's bestest Lemon Curd recipe ever is featured in his book entitled 'The Kitchen Diaries II'
And lastly, the
'really? Have we just done that? OMG, is it too good to be true?'
moment came this week when my lovely friend and I had our absolutely best ever buy at auction. After momentous, comical bordering on insane purchases, finally we have come up trumps (pharp).
We purchased a Regency Mahogany Sofa table worth over £7,000 for £30.00. Yep, that's right! £30.00. An example of said table is here
The question this joyous situation brings? ... to sell or not to sell, that is the question?


  1. Loving this style Louise!! Your photos are amazing and what a lovely summary of the week! xx

  2. I don't know where to much loveliness in one post! I really like the photos....Bert's eye is particularly awesome! I need to get me some Nigel books. Have heard so many people raving about him. And lastly...Wowee....what a score re the auction table. Am green with envy! Sarahxxx

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments (yay, I've got the comments feature back again). It's really nice to hear your are both enjoying the new format, phew. And thanks again for commenting, it was great to press the 'publish comment' button once more XX