Friday, 9 November 2012

Hallelujah! Cabbages & Roses all the way ...

A decision is having to be made with regards to the lil unit Lisa and I have been renting for the last 5 months. Sadly, it hasn't been as profitable as we'd hoped and, looking to the future, the start of next year will inevitably be slow meaning hardly any sales to counter act rent costs. We have spoken to other people selling in similar places to us around West Oxfordshire and they all say business is slow for them too with footfall considerably down. Some of them are carrying eye watering losses which make us seam positively minted!!!
When we set up our lil venture, my sights were set firmly on spending my first profits on my most coveted item ever ...
Cabbages and Roses cushions.
Instead of £ signs in my eyes I had beautiful floral linen fabric in a variety of colourways clouding my vision. When profit started to 'trickle' in I had a battle with my way too sensible conscience over whether to use it to pay back my set up costs or splurge on my hearts desire ~ cushions. Boring won the day and has kept on winning and at the end of every month my profits have been divided between replacing sold stock and paying back what I owe. This = no cushions.
This evening whilst going on line and ogling at the most beautiful cushions in the world and dreaming of what I will buy one day with my earnings panic started to set in, 'what if I never raise enough money to completely pay off my set up costs?' Will I ever get to buy Cabbages and Roses cushions? Before I knew it, a couple of clicks and backwards glances to see if my husband was watching was all that it took. I've done it! I've ordered two cushion covers! Hallelujah! FINALLY, after all of these years of dreaming of my very own cushions I am the proud owner of not one but two.
This is what I decided on ...

I can not wait to get them in my mits, eeeek.
 Sadly I couldn't stretch to buying the cushions pads as well (boo hoo) so I can't quite adorn our sofa with loveliness yet
... but I'm well on the way