Sunday, 13 January 2013

This weeks offerings ...

Well the second week of January sees me still eating an array of left over festive food. As I type I'm munching on Christmas pudding with a dollop of vanilla yogurt on top, both have their expiring dates imminent. We all intermittently disappear off into the kitchen, rummage around for a snack and return with some bizarre, random concoction of food that only seems to enter our home in December. So far today my family have combined salmon terrine with the biscuits left over from 'cheese and biscuits' and a stuffing and mint sauce sandwich all in the name of snacking. I'm almost craving bland, normal, boring everyday sensible food, man I must have OD'd on luxury festive food!!
~ ~ ~
Do you have an item that you really, really, really want but know it's a lot of money for what it is?
My really, really, really want item for at least 6 months has been a book called Perfect English Farmhouse by Ros Byam Shaw. It has gone from being on my birthday wish list to my Christmas wish list and then on to my 'must sell stuff to buy' list. The reason this lovely book is still not in my life is because its £30.00, that's a lot of money for a book (especially as I don't even own a Perfect English Farmhouse and have more like a 1960's English Bungalow). After selling an array of stuff (I know, sob) I now have my really, really, really want item and I'm oh so happy. Now I can actually turn the pages and hold the book instead of squinting to see a handful of pages on the 'look inside' part of Amazon. Here are just a few of my fav pages ...

~ ~ ~
Lego, it's something I accidentally stand on then hop around in excruciating pain whilst reminding myself I'm in a no swear zone or hoover up then rummage through the hoover bag trying to fish it back out again, find under the furniture and prize out of our puppies mouth.  I never thought of it in this way ...

Designer shoes and handbags ... now that is my kinda Lego!! ;)
~ ~ ~

This week has seen me join a caravan forum ~ yep you did read that right a caravan forum. (I know, I know ~ I can hardly believe it myself. Bye bye life, hello anorak's and jumpers with caravans on). I have to say, fellow caravanners are a really great bunch. They have been so helpful in offering help, advice and great tips to get us ready for our maiden voyage. I feel like I've joined a community and us and Hermie are now one of the gang. My new friends have even suggested taking Hermie to a caravan rally ... hum now there's an idea, may be that's where I can find me a lovely caravan stylie jumper!! 

~ ~ ~

Being the tight thing I am, recently I've been amazed at the price of wrapping paper. It's a hard thing to strike a compromise with as it dresses a present and makes the art of giving and receiving that little bit more glamorous but ... once received it's ripped into pieces and thrown in the recycling bin. For a while now I've been racking my brains as to what I can use that doesn't cost the earth. I've tried making my own using A3 sheets of white paper and using a marbling effect with paint, brown paper and spraying with glitter or using ink stamps to create interest but these are VERY messy options. I think I may have struck upon a answer ...


I bought a roll of pretty paper in the Laura Ashley sale for £4.00 which will last me years, literally.  I chose a neutral cream so I can use different colour ribbon for a change and as and when I come across pretty bits they will always match.
I thought it would be too thick for sellotape to work but its actually fine.
Fingers crossed the recipients are as pleased as I am with my new wall wrapping paper.

~ ~ ~

Until next Sunday, Bye y'all X


  1. I LOVE wallpaper as wrapping paper - so thick and lovely!

    And did you notice the Cabbages and Roses tablecloth in one of the images you picked out from the book? It caught my eye straight away!


  2. Thanks Sarah, I'm really pleased with the look. Yes, I did spy Cabbages and Roses, that home has a lot of it *sigh*, it looks sooooooo lovely x