Sunday, 27 January 2013

Winter in the Shire ...

Following on from last weeks post (here), predictions were right and much more snow has descended down upon our Shire. The arrival of said snow has put a stop to my departure out of our village for almost a week ~ grrr. 

A snow covered Shire

Snow can wait I forgot my mittens
Wipe my nose get my new boots on
I get a little warm in my heart when I think of winter
I put my hands in my father's glove
I run off where the drifts get deeper

The most Fabulicious Tori Amos, Winter

These are lyrics taken from one of my most favourite Tori Amos songs (which is currently my ring tone.)

And then the snow turned to ice ...

Image take from
~ ~ ~

Being bored took on a whole new level this week. In order to combat going slightly bonkers I have whiled away hours drawing and doodling ...

seeing if I can still knit (after asking my Mum to cast me on) ...

and reading a tonne of books.

As much as our County looks as pretty as a picture in the snow and much fun has been had by my children I am now pining for tarmac and normality.

~ ~ ~
This recent cold snap has seen us yearn for the warmer weather to arrive. Oh how I long to open the doors on a sunny spring day and watch the children and dogs enjoy having fun in the garden while
 my husband and I look on with a cold beverage in hand. Space! After being in hibernation for what feels like an eternity we're craving it.
These yearnings have spurred us on to book our very first holiday in Hermie our Caravan. He is currently sitting under several inches of snow but looking ahead, Spring is hopefully not too far on the horizon so we have chosen the month of April and the County of Dorset for our very first adventure. Yay!
and exploring we shall go.
~ ~ ~
 This fantastic photo below has been sourced from Fragglehound's photostream on Flickr, found here. It is of a fruit that has been placed in a homemade lightbox ~ what an amazing effect. I think this pic would be fantastic to paint or draw too.

There are instructions on how this effect was achieved along with over 500 photos taken of life and surroundings.
Other pics include ...

To me this photo looks like a Giant marching up a hill, off to get his groceries, carrying his shopping bag (or is it just me going slightly bonkers from being snowed in for far too long)!!

Anyways, save Fragglehound into your fav's and enjoy following their interesting journey documented in photos x

~ ~ ~ 
Last week I mentioned we are planning to repaint our Living Room (here)and this week sees us still confused over what colour to chose. My husband would like an accent wall painted in a dark green, his strategy is to play it safe as the accent wall is already painted green! I want a change, if we are going to the expense and work of painting the room from top to bottom I want to be able to stand back at the end and admire new beginnings, not think "hum, it's no different ~ grrr".
We are at stalemate, in my husbands corner is dark green and in mine is plum. While we both champion our fav colours a decision is looking far from likely. In the interest of moving on and because I am fed up with looking at a spectrum of colours dotted all over our living room wall, I have suggested Little Greene French Grey.
Deep down I have a horrible feeling I'm just plucking a 'safe' colour from thin air in order to see this task through.
Gorden Bennett, this is why I dread repainting. May be there is something in my husbands suggestion to paint the same as already have? Oh, help!
~ ~ ~
This weekend sees the RSPB annual Big Garden Birdwatch. They are asking for people to note down the highest number of each bird species seen in their garden or local park at any time. Results are then submitted to the RSPB and an annual list will be complied giving an important insight into bird populations throughout the UK. The survey first started in 1979, fast forward to 2012 and 600,000 took part with the House Sparrows being the most seen bird. Between 1979-2012, with the help from the public, the RSPB has been very successful establishing the decline of certain birds in parts of the UK meaning they have been able to put matters right.
My son and I are hoping to lure many feathered friends into our garden with this feast. Our bets are on Blackbirds being the most popular, I wonder what frequents your garden the most?
~ ~ ~
This weeks fav photo has to be ...

I edited the original photo to give it a gritty look for my daughter to put on her Tumblr blog but when it got positive comments I took another look and realised it's actually got an interesting feel to it and is quite unique. I'm usually drawn to pretty images so this subject is not my natural choice but sometimes it's good to explore outside of our comfort zone. x
~ ~ ~

Until next Sunday, bye y'all X

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