Sunday, 6 January 2013

Well hello there 2013 ...

* !! * ^ * !! ^ * !! 2013 * !! * ^ * !! * ^ * !!
Yay, a spangly new year is upon us.
A full set of 365 brand new days laid out in front of us to enjoy (plus a new quota of Bank Holidays ~ yippee).
I know for some January is their lest favourite month of the year, describing it as dull, drab and un-exciting. For me January is a chance to start afresh, to reflect on the previous year and progress ever onwards and upwards with a clean slate and new aspirations.  It's exciting being able to make plans and dreams for the new seasons and adventures waiting to unfold.
We saw the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 in with a retro vibe. All things kitsch was on our menu and we raised a toast with a Snowball in hand ...

Very tacky chic!

2013 in the Chinese calender is 
Year of the Snake
which will begin on February 4th. I'll be off down my local Chinese take-a-way for a curry and an all important free snaketastic calender ;)

New year also brings a whole new set of good intentions/resolutions. I got bored of the "lose weight" one years ago. By the end of the first week I'd eaten 'forebidden' food, regretted it, felt a failure and dashed up the Co-Op to buy tonnes of comfort food to cheer me up!! This years good intention/resolution is to be more sociable. We have so many lovely friends and people in our life but we only ever seam to bump into them either in Sainsbury's, in the local Co-Op or to give a passing wave to as our cars wizz on by.
 It's just not good enough and we will fling open our door to being more sociable this year ~ let the good times roll
(and the Snowballs are on us ~ whoop)!!!

~ ~ ~

We bought a new chair this week and I'm sooooo excited about it that sorry y'all your just gonna have to hear all about it.
This perfect sitting implement wooed me as I innocently walked past. It called out to me saying in a Barry White stylie "well hello there Louise, wouldn't you like to snuggle up with me, park your bottom on my ample cushions, drink tea and read magazines while I cocoon you in crushed velvet, come on, come inside out of the rain and take a closer look. I'm on the extra large side you know". That was it, I was mesmerised and before I knew it I was saying "hold on a mo, lets just pop in here quick". An hour later we emerged, my husband wishing he'd left me at home and complaining and muttering about our bank balance.
After a lot of Ooh and Aah's and sitting down, getting up and sitting back down again many times over my husband agreed that, yes it is a lovely chair and joy of all joys ~ the man from Del Monte, he say yes and we bought one.

I've chosen Plum crushed velvet fabric, it doesn't go with any of our existing furnishings but as nothing about this purchase has been based on sanity I thought I may as well go with my fav colour!!!

Also, we have overlooked the fact that this chair should probably be described as a 'cha'fa'. It's enormous! The size is in between a chair and a small sofa and is aptly named Burlington Snuggler. I'm not too sure how on earth it's going to be squeezed into our living room ~ still that's a minor detail, blah ;)

~ ~ ~

It was this time last year that my husband and I decided to spend what ever money we could muster during the year on home improvements. First on the list was a new front door followed by a new back door. Two weeks in to 2012 our Bertie Boy Greyhound dog was hit by a vehicle and left for dead. It took 11 months and just short of £6,000 to make him better (nope, sadly he wasn't insured ~ grrrr). All dreams of doors (and everything in between) were shelved and we struggled hard to make ends meet and keep up Bert's daily treatment.  Man how I'm keeping it all crossed that 2013 will be 'doortastic' for us. (Although the impromptu purchase of a chair the first week of the new year has set this plan back once again.) However, whilst sat in my new chair my attentions can turn to styles, colours and how on earth I'm going to incorporate the Edwardian stained glass window I picked up at an auction (yep, another one of my random purchases that my long suffering husband didn't feel my enthusiasm for and asked "what are we going to do with that?" to which, as usual I had no real reply other than the good ol "one day I'll have a good use for it")~ until that time it's one more thing that lives in/clutters up my husbands garage.
Anyway back to doors *dreamy sigh*, paint colours? Shall we go classic black, quirky aubergine, muted duck egg tones or timeless cream ~ ahhhhh decisions! That's before my brain moves on to a door knocker or door bell, handle or knob, chrome, brass or black letter box, etc.
I know it's only a door but it's the threshold into our home and a barrier to keep tea leaves out so it needs proper consideration.
Blimey, thank goodness I've got a long while to ponder on such decisions!!!
Any help or advice you can impart would be gratefully received. X
~ ~ ~

Our Christmas decorations have now been taken down and packed away but I'm having to ween myself off glitter, glitz and sparkle. My mini weeny disco balls have been moved into the kitchen and now beautify our shelves fulfilling my sparkle fix.

~ ~ ~

With the passing of all Christmas festivities and the return to reality and routine (ie setting my alarm for 5.45am and leaving for work at 6.30am ~ yawn) I'm feeling a bit dazed and confused at the mo, all 'up in the air' and not really grounded. I think the main reason is the mild and wet weather has confused me and I have to remind myself that we are in one of the coldest and darkest months of winter. The two previous Winters we've seen snow by now and have had gloves, hats and scarfs on radiators and cold children sat in front of the fire thawing out. In contrast, I've been walking the dogs with no coat on it's so mild.
I feel I need a reminder of where we are in the seasons, something that evokes 'Winter' and grounds me back to the here and now. Bring on the Holly ...

Whilst walking the dogs I took some clippings of the hedgerow and gave them a quick spray of gold and glitter.

Each time I glance at the Holly it does it's job and evokes that winter feeling and brings me right back to the here and now.

~ ~ ~
Until next Sunday, bye y'all X


  1. Your chair!!!! Eeeek! It looks so cosy and snuggly! Just perfect for lovely evenings in!

    I'm glad I got the benefit of your new social resolution the other night - wasn't it a fab evening? Looking forward to next time!