Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A country girl through and through ...

I am a country girl through and through.  
We moved from a town to a small village when I was six and from that day on the countryside has been in my heart and is my home.  I have grown up knowing it to be completely normal not to have a village shop, to have to drive everywhere for everything, having a ‘handful’ of daily busses as our public transport or not being able to leave the village when snow arrives as it cut’s us off from the world … 
to me that’s the whole point of village living.
Growing up playing in woods, fields, meadows, riversides and being surrounded by open fields and country side for most of my life has embedded itself in my soul, head, heart and my feet are always roaming through vast expanse of rural beauty wondering what is over the next style or bridge, or what is on the other side of a meadow, forest or river.  
My day's start with a walk along one of the many routes I take the dogs and I thought I’d share with you snippets of this mornings walk and just why I’m most happiest when surrounded by rural freedom.


Gate leading to a pine forest.

Walking over the railway bridge.

Pretty meadow by summer, fab hill to sledge down in the winter snow.

The meandering river Windrush.

The source of all types of berries which we pick and use to make Sloe Gin, Blackberry Rum and other delish winter toddies.

Gateway to more summer meadows.

It was on this very bridge my best friend Jane and I as kids would sit sucking away on Butterscotch wondering who we would marry when we grew up, how many children we would have and what we would name them ♥

 Stop for a rest along the river bank.

Garden gate leading to a cottage along the riverbank.

Bluebell wood.


Working the land.

Commuting through the valley to London Paddington.

This little part of England is where memories have been made and memories are still to be made ~ nuff said!

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