Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Take me shopping and I'm yours …

A lovely friend treated me to a whole day of shopping today, she picked me up and the pair of us drove off in her lil Vauxhall Corsa to shopping heaven.  First stop, the very exclusive Bicester Village, then on to Bicester Avenue (aka a posh retail park) and then back in the magical mystery bus type corsa and on to a cluster of charity shops.

Well, what can I say ~ I feel me again.  
I even have photos to show you of something beautiful …
 This lil Wedgwood vase cost a whole 99p and the tapestry 
(which was framed) cost the dizzy heights of £1.95. 

I’m going to sew the tapestry on to a cushion cover, very Cath Kidston.
Cheap vase, some hedge & verge = A happy me :D

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