Monday, 14 May 2012

This being sensible doesn't seam to suit me - at all

Well, I have failed in the ‘take a look at this blog post’ during the last week or so, I have been busy being way too sensible. I can tell you that being sensible is boring!  What’s more being sensible means I don’t even have one single photo to show you of bits or even stuff.  I have been to a general auction and didn’t buy a thing, yep that’s right not a single thing.  I have been a frequent visitor to my local charity shop but I’ve been carrying in bags bursting with lovely things and not the usual leaving with bags bursting with lovely things.

What I can type about though is how much more organised my many previous purchases and stashes of plenty are.  They are looking very orderly in a:
Charity shop donation pile
Local village Garage Sale pile
Things I know friends might like pile
Things I have no space for but I’m NOT getting rid of pile

There isn’t even a ‘hum, not sure pile’ … what discipline!

So yep, I’ve been very disciplined, organised and productive meaning our garage and sheds are looking much more spacious and I now know what I had lurking in boxes, bags, nooks and crannies but ….. man, has it been sooooo dull. The temptation of old, pre-loved, pretty, retro, one off things has been all around me and I’ve said “Um, no thank you very much ~ I’m trying to de-clutter”.  Urgh! 

Anyways, I feel I have been very successful in my quest to show willing and ‘sort out all that stuff that’s cluttering up everywhere *said in my husbands I'm losing patience voice*.  I’m hoping to make a small fortune (well Ok, like £50.00) at the garage sale next month.  One thing I do know though … Eeek I’m so gonna burst, this being sensible doesn't seam to suit me - at all.

Watch this space and hopefully photos will start to re-appear 
very soon of non-sensible, space filling lovely things 

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